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MaidSafeCoin Review: Advantages and Disadvantages of The Coin

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May 19, 2018
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MaidSafe is “the world’s first autonomous data network” based on blockchain technologies. The platform comes with a new secure technology for network control delivered to you through the SAFE browser.   

SafeCoin is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the so-called SAFE network.

What is the SAFE Network?

SAFE or Secure Access for Everyone Network is a decentralized network that secures the world’s data. It is not based on servers, but it relies on the processing power, disk space, and connectivity provided by the users’ devices. The network connects the devices and provides enhanced security with the help of various encryption technologies.

The network was designed by MaidSafe Company. To access the network, you must first download, install, and launch the SAFE Browser. The browser is a casually modified fork of the Beaker Browser and it makes it as simple as possible for you to explore the network, without even requiring you to create an account.

The functionality of MaidSafe

The MaidSafe platform bundles a Web Hosting Manager that allows you to create and publish websites. You can learn more by downloading the associated tutorial. Additionally, there’s a SAFE Mail Tutorial available on the platform’s official GitHub repository that allows you to work with and configure the desktop mail app, which also offers end to end encryption.

You are given the public key which is necessary when using SAFE Mail by simply using the MaidSafe platform. This key allows you to encrypt your emails and keep them protected. MaidSafeCoin is represented by the data used inside the network. Data is being stored and kept private on the SAFE Browser. In other words, the SAFE Browser can take the place of a hardware wallet.

Where can you buy MaidSafeCoin?

Right off the bat, you should know that you can’t buy MAID tokens with Fiat currencies. MaidSafeCoin can be had by exchanging Bitcoin for MAID tokens. To do this, you can use some of the most popular exchanging platforms like Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Livecoin, or Alcurex.

The Advantages of the MaidSafe platform

  • It is a decentralized blockchain-based platform;
  • It is the first autonomous data network in the world;
  • It provides web hosting and SAFE Mail services;
  • The team behind the platform also designed the SAFE Browser to protect the users’ private information;
  • The SAFE Browser Network can take the place of a wallet app.
  • The MaidSafe platform doesn’t store the information on servers, ensuring a higher level of data
  • SAFE Network allows you to create your very own applications.

The Disadvantage of MaidSafe platform

  • You can’t buy MAID tokens using Fiat currencies. You need to first buy Bitcoin and then exchange it for MAID tokens.


MaidSafe is a powerful platform that is all about ensuring the highest privacy protection for its users. Being a decentralized data storage solution, it provides its users with anonymous browsing and hands-on personal information management options.

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