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To celebrate the listing of NANO, LBX, the London Block Exchange, has recently launched the first-ever crypto treasure hunt that takes place on UK soil.

Various exciting instructions need to be followed, as LBX’s official treasure hunt announcement states:

“London Block Exchange will release a series of FIVE cryptic riddles across various media channels over the next few weeks. The clues will hint at a special location in London and to win you’ll need to solve them and work out the winning password – which is written at the secret location. Clues have been deliberately constructed to have hidden/double meanings and every riddle has been carefully designed to become progressively easier to solve… so read them very carefully!”

In short, the actual treasure will be represented by a Ledger Nano S that will have £5,000 (the equivalent of approximately $5,725) worth of NANO tokens stored on it.

Become a crypto treasure hunter

Besides the basic instructions for the hunt, the company has also issued a couple of clues, as follows:

“Enter the dragon, ten corners his lair / where 18th-century stories are told / of traders and drinking, / of silver, of gold, / the riches in Nano are what you’ll find there.”

The second clue has also been released and it states the following:

“Head East from the beast that bears different form to the nine of its siblings in circular track. This journey will take you from cold towards warm, an indelible scripture, a linguistic picture; Go 17 forward and then look 4 back.”

To win the prize, “hunters” will have to crack any one of the 5 riddles as well as write down the password on a piece of paper, write the phrase “NANO/GBP only at” under the password, take a selfie with the paper, and tweet the photo to @LBXSocial using the hashtag #RealCrytpoHunt.

Good luck!

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