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On June 25, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network started a new series of firsts, with acceptance escalating and all three of its implementations starting their beta phase.

C-Lightning, LND, and Eclair Enter Beta Mode

C-lightning, lightning network daemon (lnd) and Eclair have officially been released into beta modes on Monday.

Regarding this breakthrough Blockstream – c-lightning’s developer-  indicated that the technology would now become more user-friendly for those that are not technical experts – an important factor in increasing acceptance.

“It migrates away from the protocol used while designing the specification and toward a new architecture that is modular and extensible, to better adapt to your needs and your infrastructure,” he explains in a blog post.

Blockstream’s beta features a “full-fledged” wallet for c-lightning, along with support for node connexions over the TOR network.

More Acceptance Competitors Join In

Since its implementation seven months ago, Lightning has significantly matured during this period.

Since Blockstream released its Lightning-supported webstore in January, the network has experienced a growth of 16,000%, now managing payments worth of 25 BTC by using more than 2560 nodes and 7600 channels. Furthermore, many thousands of these channels are private and cannot be detected and used in online statistics.

Simultaneously, startups have started to compete for first mover advantage in introducing Lightning’s advantages to less tech-savvy Bitcoin users from both the private and business sector.

On Monday CoinGate, a Lithuanian payment processor which initially announced it would implement the technology in May, revealed the launch of its mainnet acceptance option with partial accessibility from July 1.

After this followed GloBee, a processor that accepts both Bitcoin and Monero, also implemented Lightning payments.

The two latest additions join a steadily growing list of established Bitcoin businesses to make available the technology when making BTC payments, which already count mobile operator Bitrefill, TorGuardVPN, content publisher, and Aussie payment network Living Room of Satoshi.

Users that opt to use the technology when making payments will have faster confirmation times, as well as lower transaction fees which have already gone below 1 satoshi, Bitcoin’s smallest unit currently priced at $0.00006183.

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