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Ledger Wallet, the popular crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, has announced that it will be offering a substantial discount of 20% for its most popular product, the Ledger Nano S.

Taking into consideration that the number of security threats is increasing by the day, especially those that target cryptocurrency owners, your storage option must have the most robust security implementations.

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet which has a solid reputation in the crypto industry. The wallet can be used to store more than 30 types of digital coins and tokens, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, DASH and Bitcoin Cash. Hardware wallets are regarded to be the most secure types of wallets for crypto storage, being ideal for keeping large amounts of coins. By not being directly connected to the internet, this keeps them out of the reach of hackers.

However, this does not guarantee total security, as the device must be connected to a computer so that you can transfer the coins to your wallet. If the computer you use has been infected with a malware virus, it can still attempt to steal the private keys of your wallet.

Ledger Nano S makes use of a solid secure chip, which was created with the purpose of resisting to elaborated attacks, keeping your private keys safe and sound in the device.

But, as it is always in life, good things cost more. Ledger Nano S is a wallet option that comes with a steeper price tag when compared to online or web wallets, which might have made some traders look for other alternatives to suit their budget.

Ledger Nano is normally sold at a price of 100$ (114.73$ on the official website and 99$ on Amazon), but with a discount of 20%, the wallet can be purchased at a price of 80-90$ (91.78 $ and 84.99$ in that order).

Ledger Nano S’ 20% discount will attract the attention of buyers that were waiting for an opportunity for the price to go down. If the price is now more accessible to you, wait no longer, as the offer will most likely run out quite soon.

Keep in mind to always purchase the wallet from Ledger’s official website or Amazon, as the device can be altered by resellers.

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