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KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange platform. It is known as one of the most promising markets of industry alike. It has an exceptional variety of cryptocurrencies and a rewarding user-loyalty scheme based on its platform’s currency, KuCoin Shares (KCS).

Aside from that, they have an exemplary customer service support that offers 24/7 operations for queries and other concerns.

Today, KuCoin is proudly announcing that they have listed ZINC on their platform, a unique decentralized recruitment network. Trading and deposit are now accessible utilizing KuCoin’s App or direct to their official website with supported pairs including ZINC/BTC and ZINC/ETH.

About ZINC

ZINC is the world’s first blockchain based semi-anonymous decentralized hiring network, comes to market with a new referencing digital tool that will present employment doors wide, improve efficiencies and minimize time and costs, producing in a new wave of successful, and most importantly, reasonable job placements. Created on smart-contracts, this “careers ledger” will give workers a secure and trusted job network, including a full authority of work experience data and skills proof.

Following the successful launch of their viable product, the ZINC platform operates on a consortium Ethereum blockchain. They are now in beta stage, with real-time users who are already profiting from the platform.

ZINC Solution

Smart-Contracts lock in references until inquired by employees, setting individuals back in control as they own and share references and CVs on their terms. The kind of security and trust also adds benefit to recruiters and companies, with ZINC being entirely GDPR compliant. It combined with semi-anonymity will drastically reduce the fear of prejudice, leaving employees safe in the knowledge that their experience will be recognized based on their capabilities and skills and not unreasonably skewed.

Merging the development of ZINC’s platform with the launch of the new ZINC crypto token that will provide a monetized incentive to users of the platform. Architected on Ethereum and complying with the widely-accepted ERC-20 token standard, users of ZINC will be capable to make payments in real-time and earn ZINC by anyone participating data such as skills proof or a worker associating with a company addressing them about a job.

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