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Today, KuCoin especially announces that they have listed the native currency of the Decentralized Accessible Content Chain DACC, a decentralized project focusing on the digital and media content.

Deposits are not available at KuCoin’s Android and iOS app or to their official website,, with trading pairs such as DACC/BTC and DACC/ETH.

Buying commence at 19:30 pm UTC+8 and selling/withdrawal at 20:00 pm UTC+8.

About Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC)

Decentralized Accessible Content (DACC) is recognized as a platform that will revolutionize the digital content and media industry. DACC will institute a public blockchain that features content ownership and access management at the infrastructure level. A decentralized file system that includes the fundamental identity and access management (IAM) will be completed to provide users and content creators methods to securely initiate, store, and control access permissions to their data and IP. IAM guarantees that only authenticated users can access the resources they are authorized to apply, and resource owners will have full power over the user authentication and authorization process. In addition to this underlying infrastructure, a full suite of developer tools will also be built which will provide any user or entity to easily create and develop content-related decentralized applications (DAPP’s) for any content-related platform on top of DACC.

DACC Using IAM Technology

Identity and access management (IAM) is a network for securely inducting, storing and maintaining user identities and access permissions. IAM secures that users are who they say they are (authentication) and that they can enter the applications and resources they have right to use (authorization).

The First IAM Based Distributed File System

DACC users will have complete command and protections about:

Content Creation

Copyright data is time-stamped into DACC blockchain. Algorithms are used to identify copyright theft.

Content Access

IAM permission maps allow users decide who takes to access and monetize their data/content/IP.

Content Storage

Decentralized storage with partitions and permission maps.

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