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Cryptocurrency markets are emerging everywhere especially that the number of crypto enthusiasts is rapidly increasing. KuCoin Exchange is just among those markets.

But what makes it advantageous compared to the other exchanges is that they have a team of technology experts that is continuously developing world-class features, not just in the system, but also their customer service.

Today they are proudly announcing that they have listed another promising altcoin focusing on the financial sector. The project is called Distributed Credit Chain (DCC).

Distributed Credit Chain native coin DCC is now available for deposits with supported pairs including DCC/BTC and DCC/ETH. Buying will start at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and withdrawal at 22:00 (UTC+8).

About Distributed Credit Chain

Distributed Credit Chain is the key answer to the surging problems seen in the financial sector. Reducing the costs of the financial services on which everybody depends will not be easy. Advancing efficiency in this industry will demand a lot of work as well, for rather understandable reasons. As an addition, the profiteering perspective has created many concerns over the years and will continue to do so for some time to come.

This project intends to allow borrowers to build a blockchain account to authorize data service providers. These service providers will integrate individual data and collect it on the blockchain, as well as clean “tainted data” in the process. By utilizing complex algorithms and computation service providers, components will be “extracted” from this data pool.

DCC Token

The blockchain ecosystem cannot survive without its own exclusive token. That is slightly uncertain, but in the position of Distributed Credit Chain, DCC will compensate for operations and other activities. Anyone who wants data or reports will need to pay a specific value of DCC to the related data institutions. Furthermore, credit companies will demand to pay an amount of DCC to a certification body when confirming the validity of data.

Future Plan

There is still a lot of programs and plans that are in store ahead for the Distributed Credit Chain team. During 2018, the company will concentrate on building more dApps to the table, as well as involve financial institutions and service contributors. Several lending enterprises appear to be of great interest concerning this rising financial solution project.

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