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KuCoin, recognized as a reliable state-of-the-art blockchain asset exchange is proudly announcing the listing of Metadium (META) to their pool of potential tokens.

Deposits are now possible with supported exchange pairs such as META/BTC and META/ETH. All trading processes are done using KuCoin’s mobile apps, and to their official website at

What is Metadium (META)?

Metadium is a next-generation blockchain protocol created to build a decentralized identity ecosystem with the real world introduction of Self-Sovereign Identity, the idea that individuals are owners of all features of their own individuality in the offline and online world.

Their infrastructure is based on blockchain technology that supports the creation of identity with optional verification. Furthermore, individuals can use Metadium and their Meta ID on other platforms and services, making it a gateway to support various other platforms. Metadium is designed to support off-chain and inter-blockchain identity with oracles. We believe our protocol will improve and raise awareness around the current digital identity while maintaining the integrity of personal data and achieving a comprehensive and interoperable identity.

The META Token Utility

META works as a medium of exchange for identity confirmation and sharing. Attestation agencies will be compensated for giving attestation services once the information they validated has been utilized. Service providers will reward both attestation agencies and users with META in return for getting and using identity data. Users will be rewarded for providing their identity data and can use META to purchase identity-related services provided by Metadium and other service providers.

The META token will also act an essential role in the network protocol layer, where it will be used in the following features:

  • Transaction Fees: every on-chain activity will require a transaction fee. These fees are designed to prevent DDoS attacks, where large amounts of transactions are intentionally submitted to overwhelm the network. Fees will be collected when META is transferred, upon dApp and smart contract deployment on the Metadium blockchain, and upon dApp and smart contract implementation.
  • The reward for block producers: META will be rewarded to the block producing nodes in return for their contribution of securing the network.


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