K-Merchant: The Turning Point For a Revamped Blockchain Economy
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K-Merchant: The Turning Point For a Revamped Blockchain Economy

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Jun 18, 2019
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It is fair to say that the elusiveness, implicit in the sophisticated ‘A-to-Z’ approach to conducting instant barrier-free value transfers, should be left in the pre-KaratGold Coin era. In March 2019, the whole global economic community welcomed the launch of K-Merchant — a blockchain-based multi-dimensional platform, tailored to the current trend in transferring operations. The product made the most sacred and bold dreams of those who trade in assets come true. Now, fueled both by cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, KBC) and by Fiat, the widest range of payments is easily accepted. Top-level versatility permits the product’s target groups to be practically universal, which ultimately makes K-Merchant the first unyielding all-embracing platform for online vendors to establish reliable and easy to perform market relations.

The Rule of Three “S’s”: Simplicity, Safety, Swiftness

Moving back to the core principle of all-stripes engagement, the Karat team determines with torrential verbosity that K-Merchant platform has been elaborated for everyday employment. In turn, that requires the uncomplicated transfer process. You can either send the customer an invoice of payment or attach an External Order IP, which essentially will help you manage all your existing transactions for each of your shops. Another user-conducive feature of the product is that payment modules are customized to integrate with top-ranked e-commerce platforms.

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Owing to the accelerated pace of technological development, any case of exporting personal data to an online network may possess a threat to user’s cyber-security. However, this intimidating issue can be safely removed from the agenda of a K-Merchant marketer. First and foremost, KaratGold envisaged a mechanism for untroubled linkage between the seller and the buyer. A multi-billion asset, embodied in the platform’s structure, serves as a system of checks and balances, making destructive fraudulent activities impossible. Similarly, the decentralized peer-to-peer system augments the quality of identification and authentication. Provided by a powerful Application Programming Interface, K-Merchant is profoundly secure, particularly when it comes to payment gateway mechanism.

Premised on a high-performance technology, K-Merchant symbolizes a triumph over previously repeated mistakes in actions and mistakes of caution. Frankly, we dislike bureaucracy, too. Thus, by reducing the amount of time, necessary to create a transfer, to 3 simple steps, we economize users’ resources to the greatest possible extent. There is no need in providing anyone with yet another opportunity to waste time on nugatory procedures. “Input, select, generate a QR-code, done” — that is how primitive and lighting fast the transactions under K-Merchant system are today. Investing in Karat’s innovations means investing in a bright, technology-driven, smart future of mutual guarantees and trust.

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