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The developers of the CoinVault and BitCryptor ransomware have been found guilty and sentenced to 240 hours of community service.

Thursday was the decisive day for the two developers back of the CoinVault and BitCryptor ransomware. Melvin and Dennis van de B., aged 25 and 21, have been accused of infecting with ransomware 1,259 computers in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. In order not to publish personal data held hostage on users’ devices, the culprits were asking for Bitcoin (BTC) as a redemption. Men managed to earn 10,000 euros per person during the 2014-2015 period, reported

CoinVault would have blocked users’ access to the files stored on their devices and request Bitcoin (BTC) as a deliverance- worth of hundred euros at that moment. According to the reports, around 100 individuals paid the redemption fee.

After the malware has been identified, Russian cybersecurity enterprise Kaspersky Lab bent the Dutch authorities to the possible hackers. The company announced that it identified a bug in the ransomware code and could find out “one of the suspect’s first names in the pdb path“. Due to Kaspersky, 14,000 keys were decrypted for the victims.

Men acknowledged their deeds and argued they just wanted to test their technical abilities. Even so, the brothers have not been exempted from the penalty as they insisted on the ransom fee, reported

The Public Prosecution Service has previously requested a prison sentence of a year for the culprits but the charges were rejected by judges who considered the brothers did not have criminal records. Yesterday, July 26, the two men were condemned in a Dutch court to 240 hours of community service.

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