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Jordan Peterson Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations, He Gets 63 BTC in 5 Days

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Dec 28, 2018
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The clinical psychologist, intellectual and psychologist at the University of Toronto- Jordan Peterson is now accepting Bitcoin donations for his professional activity.

One of the experts who monitor the public Bitcoin address made available by Peterson made public that the psychologist managed to raise a balance of 0.213 BTC (converting based on the today’s rate would be $ 768,920) since the address was activated, on 22 December.

Jordan Peterson is now recognized for his best-selling book entitled “12 Rules For Life,” for which he participates in numerous presentations on psychology, existentialism, and other related themes. The author recently announced plans to dethrone the market leader Patreon by launching a crowdfunding platform.

I’ve been working on a system for months to allow authors and other people who engage publicly on intellectual issues to interact more effectively with their readers, viewers, and listeners. It occurred to me this week that could serve this function. We are going to try to set this system up on a subscriber model that is analogous to Patreon. It will have a bunch of additional features. I don’t want to over-promise because the system is new. But we’re going to try to get that rolled out as fast as we can. We have a number of people who are interested in moving their subscription over,” Peterson stated.

The project, that could highly promote the idea of Bitcoin donations to Peterson’s YouTube subscribers (about 1.7 million), comes as a response to Patreon’s reactions in a conservative environment.

As the online media reported, the website involves several bans for users who do not respect the terms and conditions regarding their content. Back in August, Patreon blocked the work of the famous American author Robert Spencer, causing a disaster in the online media.

On the other side, Peterson, who is backed by Rubin Report founder Dave Rubin preferred to mediate a situation when a competitor website’s user was blocked after he/she published a video (not even related to Patreon) on a different website outside the terms and conditions imposed by Patreon, indicating that he would never do the same to his users.

While the company insists that each was in violation of its terms of service, these recent expulsions seem more readily explained by political bias,” author Sam Harris, ex-user of Patreon wrote to his followers, showing his dissatisfaction with Patreon.

Although I don’t share the politics of the banned members, I consider it no longer tenable to expose any part of my podcast funding to the whims of Patreon’s ‘Trust and Safety’ committee,” he added. Sam Harris immediately revealed his indignation of being in touch with Bitcoin as a fundraising option.

Until yesterday, 27 December 2018, Peterson owned 63 Bitcoin donations within his public address.

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