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John McAfee has lately been very active in his involvements in the crypto world. After his feverish endorsement of the BitFi crypto wallet and CEO appointment at Luxcore, he announced another of his most recent development which is a website called “McAfee Market News.”

The “McAfee Market News” features information about 1,800 coins, including quotes, charts, and news, analysis tools, blogs as well as real-time updates for the coins. As expected, the news didn’t go so well with some Twitter users.

On Aug 22, McAfee posted on his Twitter account the following post which announced the launch of his new website:

 “I am more than proud to announce the release of . Market quotes for 1,800 coins. Charts updated in real time, analysis tools, chat, blogs, news and everything you could ask for in one package.”

In response to some tweets that were made to his first post, he stated that the product is still in its early phases, and its completely operational release is scheduled to happen in October, saying that “you will not believe it.”

The security veteran then followed with another tweet in which he lauded the developers for working on the website, saying:

“The project was conceived, designed and implemented by @jamesjguthrie (right) and @FluentNinjitsu. Two of the world’s finest.”

Currently, the site has a basic interface which features some about us sections made by the McAfee Team and some other project which are endorsed by McAfee.

As it is expected with all of McAfee’s announcements, the Twitter response to this new development was mixed. There were words of praise for the site, but there were also many that criticized him and pointed out the resemblance bared to CoinMarketCap.

What will become of McAfee’s site is yet unknown, but it will be quite an interesting thing to see what will happen when it will be fully released in October.

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