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Japanese authorities found a way to warn citizens about frauds in the cryptocurrency sector. The campaign was made in collaboration with a Japanese singer and actress.

Rie Kitahara, a 27-year-old Japanese singer and actress, took part in a crypto-based campaign conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department aimed to inform citizens about cybercrimes in the crypto space.

Kitahara is a famous personality in Japan, known mainly as a current member of the Ngt48 as well as a former member of Akb48 and Ske48. In the informative campaign, she played the role of cybersecurity manager in a police department event held in Tokyo. Roughly 1,700 participants were present last week at the crypto presentation that specifically targeted email phishing and fake websites.

Ashai TV, who distributed the event stated:

Last year, the number of cases with cybercrime victims reported to the Metropolitan Police Department was 13,101 which has been decreasing overall, but the damage of unauthorized access to [steal] virtual currencies such as Bitcoin is increasing.”

Cybercrime is considered a major threat

According to the World Economic Forum, cybercrime has become a threat in 2018 following the rapid development of the technology. According to its report issued last year, the main cause that has led to the increasing number of cybercriminals is cyber dependency itself.

A security expert believes that businesses are slowly updating their systems as new technology appears on the market. Bearing this in mind, the following eight economies consider cyber attacks as a major danger: the USA, Germany, Estonia, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia.

Regarding the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, the Council of Anti-Phishing Japan has elaborated its native notification, explaining: “We are working to raise awareness of the public not to immediately click the URLs indicated in the email.” It went on saying that users should contact an authorized cryptocurrency trading platform prior to opening mail.

As reported, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has collaborated with some of the country’s famous crypto exchanges such as SBI Virtual Currencies, Bitflyer, Bitpoint Japan, GMO Coin, Bittrade, Quoine, Bitbank, Btc Box, Money Partners and Coincheck. The crypto projects have complied to “mutual cooperation, cybercrime reporting notification, criminal investigation cooperation, information sharing, [and] measures to prevent widespread damage”.

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