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Great news for blockchain system’s admirers! A new investment has been made in crypto technology by one of the most influential companies in Asia.

Who are we talking about?

LINE is a well-known messaging application based in Japan. It is available for smartphones and benefits of a huge reputation among the population. The platform has a user-friendly interface, it provides fresh news from all over the world and is easy to use it due to its basic advanced technology. LINE is considered to be an Asian WhatsApp.

LINE can boast with a huge number of active users monthly, if more precisely the amount gets over 200 million.

LINE has launched an official crypto exchange

An official announcement was made today, 31 January 2018 on LINE’s official website. The team has launched ”a mobile money transfer and payment service available on the LINE messaging app – in order to further reinforce its position in the financial business domain”.

Japan’s interest in the blockchain technology

Since 2017, the Japanese government has allowed the establishment of over twenty crypto exchanges across the country. Also, they have been announced about the plan of launching an official country’s cryptocurrency (MUFG) that will have an equal parity with the Japan’s national currency – Yen. We also know that Japan’s largest electricity company, TEPCO has invested in the British company, named Electron. Everything seems to go with slow, but credible and sure steps.

LINE’s future plans

LINE has established this new company in order to create and provide an even more revolutionary financial service. Going forward, LINE will use this new company as a base as it proceeds with preparations to provide a variety of financial services, including a place to exchange and transact virtual currencies, loans, and insurance – all from the LINE app – and will continue to grow its financial business.

The company has announced that in the future it will invest in the development of the blockchain technology and will provide to over 200 million users an unforgettable experience. The initial aspect that the company will focus on is- the security. They assure that “LINE is actively engaging in hiring persons who are experts in these technologies and in finance” to provide quality services.

As a remark, the crypto exchange platform will proceed its activities under a new name- LINE Financial Corporation.

Do you think that LINE’s crypto exchange will be a success?

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