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Japanese passion for anime led to the creation of the “world’s first marketplace for anime CryptoArt collectibles” built on a blockchain network.

Anime passionate have the chance to enjoy a new representation of them. The first digital CryptoArt collectibles in the world has been released and works on blockchain technology.

The CryptoArt collection is represented by a 30- minute Zunda Horizon movie, whose main character is a girl named Tohoku Zunku.

The Co-founder and CEO of CryptoAnime and BlockPunk, Julian Lai-Hung stated that:

We are on a mission to bring the benefits of decentralization to the anime industry and filmmakers everywhere. Crypto Collectibles is a great way to get started as studios can instantly sell digital artwork globally without the need for complex retail deals as in the physical world. We are entering a new era of digital ownership thanks to the scarcity that crypto assets bring. We are thrilled to launch with the beautiful Zunda Horizon and raise as much as we can for Tohoku charities in Japan.”

In other words, any startup is welcomed to join the entertainment online studio and sell his or her digital artworks without being forced to negotiate rules and obligations with buyers.

The CryptoArt project represent an exchange of experiences and resources between merchants and buyers. Owners of crypto assets wherever they are established can pay for an anime video in Ether and reward the producers. An impressive aspect is that the resulting profit will not be shared between founders and collaborators but, will be donated to charities that deal with adverse climate change in Tohoku area.

BlockPunk described CryptoArt as a unique combination

BlockPunk characterizes the CryptoArt project as a unique initiative designed on a blockchain network. Each anime is subjected to verifications in order to give customers the certainty that the artwork is original and does not show falsification. Movie creators can write their name on the BlockPunk’s official website to promote their works.

The Executive Producer of Zunda Horizon, Hiroaki Takeuchi stated that:

Zunda Horizon is a combination of Tohoku culture, the finest Japanese animation craft, and innovative technology. When we learned about blockchain from CryptoAnime, there was complete alignment on this ground-breaking concept. We are very excited to bring a new global audience to Tohoku Zunko!

The Japanese culture has been strongly involved in crypto and blockchain networks. We want to recall that in January 2018, occurred the debut of the girl pop band named Kasotsuka Shojo or “Virtual Currency Girls“. They wear costumes representative about Bitcoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monacoin, NEM, NEO and Ripple coins and interpret relevant songs about how to use these crypto coins.

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