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A Japanese IT giant is releasing a blockchain-related consultancy service aiming to distribute a “ready-to-go” prototype in just five days.

The Tokyo-based company Fujitsu is now able to tell you if your blockchain business is a success or failure. The price for such a service is € 9,900 and includes initiation courses in blockchain technology as well as developing a product-model in just five days.

The assesment involves Fujitsu and the customer jointly beavering away on ideas based on blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies to figure out if the tech can actually improve biz processes,” as reported by The Register.

You choose, Fujitsu is creating

At the choice of the customer, the company can continue to reach the raw product or end the collaboration and decide independently how to develop it.

Chris Pilling, the lead architect at Fujitsu’s Blockchain Innovation Centre, explained that “It would be great to say, yes, we’ve met the proof of business and they want to get the global blockchain team involved… [but] we allow the customer to go away and play with the prototype.”

According to Frederik de Breuck, head of the Blockchain Innovation Center, using “proof of business” rather than “proof of concept” is a more appropriate protocol for customers to achieve “business value” and bypass frequent “pitfalls” of blockchain projects.

The purpose of this consultancy service is to give both investors and developers the chance to get in just a few days a unique prototype or receive indications on the existing one.

Inspired by high levels of interest from our customers, we have created this ready-to-go package not only to jump-start the customers’ blockchain efforts but also to review and improve existing projects. Available immediately across the EMEIA region, we expect this assessment to have a major impact on unlocking blockchain’s potential for business use cases,” Frederik de Breuck explained.

The Japanese IT multinational has registered nearly 50 blockchain-related patents as reported by BankingTech.

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