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Is Victorieum token the next big thing in retail consumer lending Even in fiat

The retail customer lending is nothing but lending a particular amount to the retailers. Credit unions, banks, loan institutions, mortgages bankers are the ones that act as retail lenders. The entire retail lending process isn’t a cakewalk. There are so many steps involved, and even the interest percentage that will be imposed by the banks is very high. Hence, most of the retailers hesitate to even apply for the retail loan at the lender. Victorieum entered the market and changed the entire loan lending way.

Victorieum is an offshore bank which mainly deals with cryptocurrencies. Almost everyone would be having an idea of the rules and regulations that are imposed on cryptocurrency by the banks and the governments of different countries. There are so many people out in the market who are ready to invest in the cryptocurrencies but are stopping them from to do so because of these rules and regulations. In order to improve the usage of cryptocurrencies and provide the investors with fantastic facilities, Victorieum bank entered into the market.

The working of this bank is similar to the operation of a traditional bank, but in this bank, the cryptocurrencies replace the fiat currency. They provide credit and debit cards, account number, the customers can avail loans, and they can even exchange the amount into cryptocurrency and vice versa. There are so many amazing features that this bank offers to its customers. The bank provides a highly reliable and secure platform to manage the cryptocurrency transactions. The bank has already garnered a lot of support and trust from the investors, and there are so many people who have already opened their accounts in this bank.

The bank offers the loan facility for the retailers. The entire loan lending process is completed in four easy steps. The bank provides the account holders Victorieum tokens, and these are the people who are eligible for availing the loan. The interest percentage that Victorieum charges its customer is 14% which is relatively less when compared to the traditional bank’s interest percentage and the loan validation will be done within 24 hours, which is one of the most significant plus point of the Victorieum bank. The four steps that are involved in this loan granting process are:

  • The user must transfer the crypto assets that he owns to the wallet of Victorieum bank. Once the blockchain that is relevant to the crypto asset confirms the transaction, the loan process will be started.
  • The user receives the instant loan in terms of EUR or USD. The loan amount is instantly transferred from the bank account to the user’s account or the Victorieum account. This account selection, withdrawal of cash and the fiat currency type in which they want to have the funds entirely depends upon the requirement of the client. The bank will provide the funds as the user wants it.
  • There are various flexible plans to repay the loan, and the user can repay the amount quickly.
  • If there are any outstanding crypto assets available, the user can withdraw them without any hassle. After repaying the total loan, they can withdraw all their crypto assets.

In order to avail the loan at Victorieum, the user should have a certain amount of cryptocurrencies. These virtual assets are enough to avail the loan, and the entire loan approval process is done within a short time. This is the reason why the Victorieum token has become the next big thing in retail consumer lending. The entire process is simple, and there is no need for any properties to grant the loan.

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