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IOTA[MIOTA], the German not-for-profit foundation that’s on a mission to support the development and standardization of new distributed ledger technologies, has recently announced on its blog and Twitter a new partnership with Audi.

IOTA partners with Audi, more specifically with AUDI Think Tank (Denkwekstatt), to explore the possible Tangle mobility use cases and discover new ground-breaking approaches in the field. In addition, the collaboration will also result in the creation of a low-level prototype as well as in the gathering of a lot of customer/initial tester feedback on the matter.

For those of you who don’t know, IOTA’s Tangle is a highly innovative type of distributed ledger technology that’s designed from the ground up for IoT (Internet of Things) environments.

About Audi Think Tank

The Audi Think Tank is a unique organization that’s supported by the larger Audi (VAG) Corporation. The organization’s main goal is to accurately explore solutions to the modern world’s ever-increasing mobility problems. The Think Tank is also heavily interested in modernizing transportation in various urban environments. The Audi Denkwerkstatt group is comprised of seven Audi representatives and fifteen financial-savvy partners.

The collaboration seems to be a very good one as IOTA hopes this will lead to it knowing a lot more about how automakers see and approach mobility innovation. According to the blog post: “IOTA’s open source protocol is predestined to be an innovation accelerator for any kind of business ideas that rely on trust in data, scalable & safe machine to machine communication & transaction settlement.”

What does this collaboration mean?

If this collaboration turns out to be fruitful, it could mean a great deal for both Audi and IOTA, as well as for the whole automotive industry. In short, the team relies on IOTA’s infrastructure to build an IoT-based environment for inter-communicable transportation. Even though there aren’t that many details available, one of the main use cases for IOTA’s Tangle might be represented by electric vehicles that require IoT tech to operate efficiently.

Regardless of the results, this partnership is a very good one for IOTA, that has just recently announced that it started working with other industry greats, Volkswagen and Porsche.

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