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Sometimes it is hard to believe that cryptocurrencies are sometimes based on companies that made them. Often times these cryptos are changing prices based on the activities of said companies. IOTA is no different as it lost the 9th place in the marketplace when TRON introduced new projects like Mainnet. All IOTA had left was new projects of itself, in order to try and regain their pace on the market, according to

IOTA in Norway

The project IOTA was waiting for came in the form of an agreement with Nordic Semiconductors and NTNU University. The crypto company has pledged that the collaboration with the Nordic companies will have a massive impact on their popularity. The main product is said to be a data marketplace on IOTA’s platform. Not only will the project help the popularity, but it will also boost a lot of applications to the real world. This was not the only time that IOTA made partnerships in Norway, this was just a follow up of the partnerships made with DNB ASA, which is Norway’s largest financial service provider.


Nordic Semiconductors

Nordic Semiconductors could have been the gateway toward the NTNU University for IOTA as they are already partnered with them in their chip-developing projects. Nordic Semiconductors is one of the most promising companies for the future of wireless and portable electronics. Thanks to the partnership with the NTNU students, it was able to release a new project called Thingy: 5.2 which now helps sensor data to be featured on the IOTA data marketplace.

What’s so good about the project

One of the biggest opportunities will be for the students and graduates of NTNU. Imagine, you just finished or are about to finish university and already have experience in building one of the world’s most promising marketplaces connected to data, can you imagine how valuable that experience will be down the road? IOTA will also benefit from the partnership as it will have access to one of the strongest universities in the IT field, therefore making their project develop a lot faster and with better quality.


No matter what will be said, the data industry could be the most profitable one in the future. Since info-gathering is directly correlated to consumerism, many companies and even countries will start employing data service providers in order to maximize their sales. All of this means that in terms of innovation, it will also become a very lucrative business. In addition, cryptocurrencies will now receive a new way to popularise themselves with the youth, making them more interested in further developing it, which in turn will open up future opportunities.

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