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A UK based studio consisting of a team of technologists and design engineer artists have come up with an innovative project called The Symphony of Blockchains. The team has been working with IOHK to create this project which is an interactive, visual, and audio study of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

IOHK has partnered up with a group of visual design artists to discover digital currencies through its project named Symphony of Blockchains, which is an audio-visual exploration of cryptocurrency. They have created a web-based interface that lets users go through the history of blockchain and discover all the different internal features along with some abstract data points that people aren’t accustomed to.

The team’s project leader stated:

“It has been a fascinating journey for us, we got to learn a lot about this underlying technology and sort of finding it a metaphor in which we can use this as a means for people to compare different cryptocurrencies.”

The basic design concept of this is to represent the properties of cryptocurrencies thus giving users the possibility of comparing coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or IOTA. Symphony of Blockchains will enable the users to uncover the underlying properties of the internet and the team is really dedicated to making this project into something that is truly unique. When you access the site you can also search for specific dates, find forks, and not things that have never been made known before about projects and ideas.

The word Blockchain is used to a large extent in daily language but with very few understand the how this technology actually works and what application it can have for the future. IOHK’s new audio- visual project has the objective of explaining both Blockchain technology as well as the details behind cryptocurrencies and their individual transaction details.

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