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Invideo review

InVideo Review 2021: Ideal Video Maker for Your Crypto Brand Awareness

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Oct 27, 2021
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The video marketing industry is seeing a boom in recent years thanks to videos making an appearance across every other social media platform, especially in the world of crypto. Videos have become the most popular way to consume content on the internet. Individuals, brands, small and large businesses are trying to find new ways to stand out from the rest of their competition. 

There is no doubt that video content opens you up to tons of new opportunities that help in building customers’ trust and gaining loyalty. But to make a video is one thing, and to make it get the interest of the viewers is another. 

With the help of video editing tools like InVideo, a company can achieve its marketing targets regardless of its field of activity. But is InVideo a perfect companion for your videos, or is it just another editing tool? Let’s find out.

What Makes InVideo So Special?

With so many video streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, TikTok, and more, very few investors are reading text instead of watching a video. In addition to this, our brains comprehend visual information much faster than reading text because human eyes are more attracted to seeing things in motion. 

So, there are multiple tools and applications that are helping individuals to edit their videos. InVideo is one such video editing software with unique features. One of the first things that you will notice when you first start using InVideo is that you don’t need to have prior or expert knowledge of editing videos. 

It is developed keeping in mind the needs of an individual who wants to make a perfect video for their video marketing strategy while having zero to minimal knowledge of editing a video with coins. As a result, it is pretty popular among freelancers and small businesses as they can create videos for their content easily using this platform. 

How Does InVideo Work?

With InVideo, you can make your imagination come to life. You can create truly stunning videos. First, the tool will ask you about your needs and what is the purpose of your video. Once all the information is fed into the application, its AI will start looking for the images and templates and create a basic framework for the video, leaving tons of space for the user to edit and make changes. 

Once you get familiar with the editing tools present in the application, you will start to find shortcuts that shorten the time of editing a video. 

Besides this, InVideo can turn a written article into video content using its inbuilt video creation tool. On the other hand, if there is a tool that you are not familiar with, you can quickly look for its tutorial on the website, which is uploaded to make the application easier for newcomers. 

Exclusive Features Which Only InVideo Provides To Users

Now let’s move to the benefits section and see what InVideo has to offer its users and what are some of the exclusives that only InVideo has to offer. 

1. Pre-made Template 

Let’s start with templates from where you begin your journey of creating videos. This online video editor comes with over 4,000 in-built templates, which can be helpful in creating videos from scratch. As a result, even if you don’t have raw footage and only have a concept in mind, you can create a video using InVideo. 

2. A Blank Canvas

With InVideo, you get a blank canvas that allows you to make videos according to your needs. All the tools present in the application are designed to complement the user’s approach to editing video.

3. Specific Ratio

Sometimes you don’t know the aspect ratio of particular social platforms. In that case, InVideo will provide you with the canvas for creating videos that suit the dimensional requirement of the platform. 

4. Logo Making 

Even though it is considered to be just a video editing tool, there are still tons of things that one can create using InVideo. For example, you can use the in-built logo maker to give your brand a symbol of recognition. The same logo can be used independently, or you can put it in your videos to create awareness about the brand. 

5. Audio Tools

It is one of the few editing tools out there which comes with audio profiles that can be used as background audio for your project. All of these audio files are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing their rights. 

6. Article To Video

This is something we have only seen in InVideo; for this to work, you need to upload a file containing a text document. Once the file is uploaded, the AI working behind the application will interpret the text document and create a video using the in-built template. A user can edit these videos and each scene individually if they want to add images or a video of their own. Otherwise, even these videos can be used directly for media marketing. 

7. Voice Over

It has a voice-over attribute that can give an extra dimension to your video and make it easier for the viewers to comprehend what the video is all about. The voice-over can be included with the audio that comes with the video. 

8. Ease Of Use

With InVideo, even a person with no prior experience of editing videos can create inspiring videos to get views on social platforms, and this can be done because of the user interface, which makes the video editing process smooth and understandable. 

Is InVideo Worth It?

So now you know the benefits the software provides to its users apart from the usual tools which can be seen in every other video editing software. Undoubtedly, InVideo is worth a shot, and it will not disappoint you with its plethora of tools, templates, fonts, and images. 

What makes it worthwhile is that it offers the perfect mix of tools for beginners and more advanced video makers. The software is also undergoing constant upgrades, so you can get the latest tools to transform your videos into professional-quality content.

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