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Regarded by most as Columbia’s greatest current footballer, James Rodriguez, recently announced on all his social media accounts that he will be launching his own cryptocurrency by teaming up with the blockchain-based startup, SelfSell.

“A brand “new me”, sponsored and brought by SelfSell, will be activated. Will you guess what it is? Jump to download SelfSell App and join me”, the football superstar posted on Facebook. The FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid star has also uploaded a video on his official Twitter account where he announced the creation of the JR10 token, named in his honor.

Everything made possible thanks to SelfSell

The SelfSell initiative is a platform designed to generate income through human capital investment. SelfSell is a highly complex blockchain-based project that allows people to create their own cryptocurrency for the benefit of others.

The company that supports James Rodriguez and enables the creation of this token “helps people cross the plateau of death, and climb to summit, by leverage one’s own future value to create growth opportunities at present stage,” as stated on the official website.

The token will be available for pre-purchase via the SelfSell App on May 27. More information about the token’s ICO can be found on SelfSell’s blog section, in this Medium article.

Footballer James Rodriguez delves deep in the crypto world

The announcement comes as James Rodriguez prepares for the 2018 FIFA World CUP where he hopes to repeat the enormous success from four years ago when he was awarded the prestigious Golden Boot award.

The footballer declared this is a step in his quest of strengthening his personal brand and building stronger relationships with his fans. With this turn of events, Rodriguez becomes one of the first international footballers to create their own cryptocurrency asset and joins the ranks of other famous athletes with a strong interest in crypto such as Michael Owen, Tony Moral, Luis Figo, Caroline Wozniacki, Lionel Messi, and Ronaldinho, just to name a few.

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