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Insights About MyFunding.Network – An Automated Crypto Trading Bot

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Jun 15, 2022
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An automated crypto trading platform is on the rise, with incredible goals and a solid team behind it. We’re talking about none other than the MyFunding.Network dApp, an exciting project on the Binance Smart Chain that is hard to ignore at the moment thanks to its ever-growing popularity.

For those who don’t know much about automated crypto trading, this platform is probably for you. You see, before the advent of automated bot trading, the world of crypto trading had been reserved exclusively for the elites with incredible trading skills and an eye for thorough technical analysis.

MyFunding.Network and most automated crypto trading platform arose with the purpose of leveling the playing field; giving the regular folks a fighting chance by outsourcing all the major heavy lifting to an AI-powered bot instead of error-prone humans.

But where most of its competitors fail by putting the algorithm first and users second, MyFunding.Network is doing things differently by adopting a more balanced approach.


Without a doubt, MyFunding.Network’s biggest appeal is its state-of-the-art algorithm. This serves as the unequivocal power behind its automated trading bot that has quickly garnered a reputation of unrivaled consistency.

Still, despite having a truly impressive and powerful algorithm as its backbone, MyFunding.Network refuses to make the same mistakes its predecessors had made by relying solely on this aspect alone.

Yes, a powerful algorithm is great, and probably the most important part of an automated trading platform, but things such as user experience, simplicity and directness, ease of navigation, and additional incentives are all almost as important and shouldn’t be ignored.

MyFunding.Network and its team set out to give all of these areas as much attention, and the result is quite impressive to say the least. Below are some of the most noteworthy features and functionalities.

Notable Features:


Arriving on the MyFunding.Network platform, the first thing that strikes you is how easy it is to navigate and locate important features. For novice traders, this will serve as a breath of fresh air from the usually convoluted platforms they may be familiar with. Using MyFunding.Network requires no steep learning curve.

It is also quite impressive how traders can keep track of the automated process and follow trades without feeling out of the loop.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To deposit and withdraw from the dApp, laptop users need a Metamask or Trust Wallet, while mobile users have about 115 wallet options. Once the Binance Smart Chain network is added to the wallet, users can easily buy BNB coins and deposit them on to the MyFunding.Network platform.

From here automated trading can be initiated and withdrawals can be made following the same process once enough dividends are earned.

The Future

Automated crypto trading will remain a fascinating field of blockchain development for years and years to come.

If MyFunding.Network is the future of automated crypto trading, it is hard not to wonder what the future holds for the project itself. Being a major project of the Oreca.Community dev team, a team of Blockchain developers known for their commitment and forward thinking, it is almost safe to say that whatever the future holds, it will most certainly be an interesting one.

Looking to learn more about MyFunding.Network and its exciting future? You can do so by connecting with the team and like-minded users like you on the project’s dedicated telegram channel using the link below:

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