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The largest crypto exchange in India has revealed a great news regarding daily transactions. The company has reduced the fees for trading crypto assets.

Starting today, 4th April 2018, users who decide to buy and sell 1 Bitcoin or any altcoin till 11:59 PM on Zebpay platform will be charged with only 0.1% of the amount traded.

However, for example, if you decide to buy 3 Bitcoin and sell 2.5 BTC in the same day, you will also comply with the crypto exchange rules, thus, you will pay a 0.1% fee only for the quantity of 2.5 BTC purchased and sold. For 0.5 BTC, the company will charge the standard commission.

The company focuses especially on the phrase “in the same day“, so that users can benefit from a reduced fee. This important rule means that all eligible transactions for this transaction must be made from midnight until midnight on the following day.

Don’t be afraid if you will not be subject to the tax cut at the time of the transaction. The company automatically refunds the commission the next day, so you will feel as if you were rewarded for choosing this crypto exchange.

Let us show you an example:

In case you want to buy 10 BTC for Rs. 4 lakhs and in the same day you are selling them for Rs. 5 lakhs. According to the standard commission, the equation will be:

0.2% of Rs. 4 lakhs plus 0.25% of Rs. 5 lakhs = Rs. 800 + Rs. 1250 = Rs. 2050 (a total Zebpay fee).

Now, let’s see how much you can save with the 0.1% intraday fees:

0.1% of Rs. 4 lakhs + 0.1% of Rs. 5 lakhs = Rs. 400 + Rs. 500 = Rs. 900 (a total Zebpay fee).

This is our way to reward you, our loyal traders. Zebpay is an efficient cryptocurrency exchange, and we are happy to pass on the benefits of this efficiency to you in the form of lowered fees”, stated the Zepbay team.

Zebpay is based in Mumbai and is part of the “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)”.

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