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IDAX to Support Tron (TRX) Trading

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Aug 28, 2019
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Today the IDAX crypto exchange revealed they will be adding support for TRX trading thanks to a new collaboration with the Tron foundation.

TRX will be available for trading on the IDAX platform against Bittorent Token (BTT) and  WINk (WIN) as a base currency. The two pairs, BTT/TRX ad WIN/TRX, will go live starting with August 30.

“We’re pleased to announce that IDAX has formed the strategic partnership with Tron Foundation. IDAX will open TRX trading market and support Tron ecosystem On 30th August, 18:00 (UCT+8) with the 1st round listing of BTT/TRX and WIN/TRX trading pairs. WIN deposit & withdrawal and BTT withdrawal are now avilable on IDAX after that BTT deposit will be available on 30th August, 18:00 (UCT+8).

IDAX is one of the 5 global exchanges that support TRX market, IDAX and Wave Field TRON will collaborate in resource sharing, market development, project incubation, technology innovation, and global consensus community. Together we will optimize our competitiveness and effectiveness to create a win-win sharing ecosystem in the blockchain industry.”-stated the post.

IDAX recently introduced support for WIN trading since August 21st, which is traded in the following pairs: WIN/USD, WIN/BTC, WIN/ETH, and WIN/TRX.

WIN is the native cryptocurrency of the Tron-based WINk network. It was also announced today that WIN will be airdropped to TRX holders. 49,950,000,000 WIN will be deposited into TRX wallets, the total amount representing 5 percent of the coin’s supply.

The first airdrop phase took place today, with 141,105 Tron accounts having WIN coins deposited into them. The next airdrops are scheduled to take place on the 28th of each month until August 22, 2022.

In order to receive the airdrop, Tron account owners must have a minimum of 100 TRX in their wallets.

BitTorrent (BTT) is TRC-10 based token, issued by BitTorrent Inc. and Tron Foundation in 2019. In 2018, the BitTorrent company was acquired by the Tron foundation.  

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