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The tech giant IBM is looking to register developers codes and milestones on a blockchain-type network.

The patent called “Blockchain For Program Code Credit and Programmer Contribution in a Collective” was posted on 5th July by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to it, IBM seeks to use blockchain technology to design “a secure and robust approach to track and to append information related to collaborative coding for the purpose of credit, reward, and dispute resolution, and for other purposes.”

IBM to record the performances of coders

The concept that IBM wants to develop is based on the integration of a distributed network. Thus, the company intends to record the performances of coders when they collaborate on the same project. As the patent indicates, tracking will be available only for specific programmers.

IBM’s goal is to effectively measure the workload of each programmer, as to launch a software product the teamwork is required. Through this patent, IBM aims to release a chain that registers the “code transfers and parameters” on a blockchain-based network.

IBM explained:

Code transactions and parameters associated with a stakeholder are compiled into a chain of programmer transaction blockchain blocks. The chain can be considered a chronicle of a piece of software, …and the code “status” path through its recent history or complete history can be tracked, along with its various programmers, though the lifetime and versions of the code, various history parameters, etc.

Once the new block has been calculated, it can be appended to the stakeholder’s application software history blockchain, as described above. The block may be updated in response to many triggers, such as, when a programmer selects a button on a graphical user interface (GUI) on a computer display showing a code editor to add code, when a unit test has been completed, when a code integration is completed, when an assigned work item is closed, and so forth,” the company continued.

IBM is not in its first interaction with blockchain technology. As reported yesterday by Coindoo, IBM has signed a $ 740 million partnership contract with the Australian government to explore the blockchain for the country’s political system.

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