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Today, the team behind Waves announced yet another important exchange partnership for the WAVES token. One of the top three crypto exchanges, Huobi, will be supporting trading pairs for the token. This new listing comes after an announcement made in the previous week when WAVES was being added to OKEX.

“This is the next great news that we are excited to share with the community,” says the CEO and founder of Waves, Sasha Ivanov.

“Now that WAVES is added to the three leading crypto exchanges, we’ve made it possible to hundreds of millions of users across the world to join the trading. As the work continues and we look forward to releasing the first generation of the smart contracts, it’s great news that WAVES is gaining traction with exchanges and their customers.”

According to Huobi, the listing will go as scheduled: the WAVES deposits will be available starting from 08:00 Jun 21 (GMT +0), WAVES/BTC and WAVES/ETH trading will start from 08:00 Jun 22 (GMT +0), and WAVES withdrawals will start at 08:00 Jun 24 (GMT +0).

Waves is a blockchain platform that has many functionalities for developers and end users through a rich and accessible ecosystem with easy tools for creating their own custom crypto tokens. The Waves ecosystem is composed out of a secure decentralized exchange (DEX), user accessible smart contracts and the ability to issue and convert tokens in an instant.

Huobi is crypto exchange founded in 2013 which rapidly became one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading services in Asia, having offices in Singapore, the US, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, and an extensive trading community across 130 countries. Its daily trading volumes are close to half a billion dollars, with BTC, USDT, ETH, and HT pairs. Some of these pairs have margin and OTC trading options.

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