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How to Use Bitcoin in Russia | 2019 Update

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Sep 11, 2017
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The power of digital coins depends greatly on where they can be used. Some countries are quite restrictive with regard to Bitcoin, but others accept it more and more in several areas. In Russia, for example, the number of businesses that accept Bitcoin increased.

Herman Gref, CEO of the biggest Russian bank, Sberbank, mentions:

“Cryptocurrencies represent a very interesting international experiment which breaks the paradigm of currency emission. We definitely should not restrict the use of it, but we should try to understand how it works, explore it, and find ways to regulate it.” 

Let’s see where you can spend your Bitcoins if you get to Russia:

Buy a strong drink

KillFish became the first Russian company to add a new payment method, Bitcoin. Since 2013, this place has become Bitcoin-friendly, having a variety of payment methods.

Buy a coffee

In Russia, there are several cafés which accept Bitcoin as payment- in St. Petersburg there is 2Big Bar which is located in People’s Militia, 6. In addition to BTC, you can also pay with EOS, Cardano, Dash, and Ethereum.

You can also buy coffee for Bitcoin in Kazan at Coffee Like and in Chelyabinsk at Coffee In.

Headquarters is a mobile coffee shop located at Sberbank headquarters (ul. Vavilova, 19) that also accepts Bitcoins for its products.

Go to the gym

If you like sport and you want a good gym where you can pay with Bitcoin, then this one is perfect for you. NanoFitness is a Russian fitness club that accepts this form of payment.

Hire a lawyer

Yes, that’s right. Law firms that accept Bitcoin have multiplied considerably. Since 2014, in Russia, Legal Prime GS Consulting has added Bitcoin to their list of payment methods. Transactions are as affordable as in cash or through the bank, at no extra charge!


From 2014, if you want to get to a certain destination in Russia, you have the opportunity to pay your taxi with Bitcoin. Wheely Business Taxi Service is the first to introduce this payment method. The only solicitation they have for their clients is that they pay for the race before, on their website. They will also be asked for all details related to their own person.

Although it is not a service provided by Russia, the airline AirBaltic, which is from Latvia, offers this service. They offer flights from Moscow and St Petersburg and accept this payment method from 2014. Yes, in Russia you can fly and pay with bitcoin!

Charity Donations

If there are people who want to give Bitcoin for those in need, they can reach out Red Cross Russia. If you have digital coins that can help others and you want to do good, do not hesitate!

Buy IT products and services

Whether you are a company looking for cloud computing services (IaaS), or an individual looking to promote himself/herself on social media, there are several companies and agencies which offer IT-related services that can be paid using Bitcoin.

What is the thing that everyone always needs? That’s right, internet! Selectel hosting provider accepts payment in Bitcoin for those who need to be online. You can transfer digital coins through OKPay without paying any extra fees! You will receive the service within one hour.

Other notable examples are: PR-Club – Promotion on Instagram, Sichkar Group – Services for business, Bitaps – Bitcoin Block Explorer browser with built-in wallet and API for commerce, MOBI agency – Development of mobile applications and sites, Yushkov – UI/UX designer service.


If you’re in Russia and want to eat something but don’t know what and don’t know where, but you want to pay with Bitcoin, we’ll help you. Here you can find two Subways that will sell you the most delicious sandwiches in exchange for digital coins. The two locations are on Dmitrovskoe highway and in Dolgoprudny, and they are both under the direction of Mikhail Kuzmin.

Kolionovo farm is another place from where you can buy food with Bitcoin. You can take the freshest foods, such as dairy, fish, and vegetables. Its location is in Moscow, and the prices are very affordable!

Book your hotel, car, or sightseeing tours

By using the website, you can book a hotel or a tour by paying with Bitcoins. The coins are automatically converted into US dollars. Price of the cryptocurrency is fixed at 10 minutes, after what it can be updated depending on the exchange rate on the exchange.  The booking platform is also available in Russia.

Pay for advertising Group, a Russian internet company, which owns Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, the most popular social platforms in the country, also owns the email service, the MyTarget advertising platform, and the ICQ instant messenger. announced that publishers can advertise on MyTarget and make payments for its services via Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Seeing as controls so many platforms with millions of users, your ads can be seen by a large number of people.

“Advertising through the Mytarget platform and its network can be paid for in Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In the near future, owners of participating sites and applications will also be able to receive income in cryptocurrency.”

Health and beauty

Dr. Bassil is an orthodontist dentist located in Moscow, Kievskaya St. which accepts Bitcoins for making your teeth white and healthy.

If you are looking to get a tattoo, then the artists at TEN are ready to ink you up in exchange for BTC (located in Moscow, Vykhino-Zhulebino district, 26 K2 General Kuznetsov str.)

Is your beard getting out of hand? FIRMA barbershop accepts Bitcoin payments for a stylish trim.


All of these possibilities to spend Bitcoin in Russia show how strong this country is from a technological point of view. Once you get here, you have no worries about paying their services, because the Russians are very advanced in this field!

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