How to Use Bitcoin in Canada

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Sep 8, 2017
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As far as Canada is concerned, we can say that Vancouver is its Bitcoin capital. If you use, you can easily see all the locations that accept Bitcoin. Many of them have the “Bitcoin accepted here” sign.

Canada Coinforum

If you are interested in chatting or informing yourself about any Bitcoin thing in Canada, you can access this forum. You can create an account and choose from many categories of topics.

If you arrive in Vancouver, Canada, these are some of the things you can buy and some of the stores where you can find them:

Buy Latte with Bitcoin

You can have a delicious latte at:

  • Lost + Found Café (33 West Hastings Street) – This cafe is huge and is known for its themes: Traveling Art and Philantrophy. You can also rent the space if you want to.
  • Waves Coffee House (100-900 Howe Street) – You can come here to meet new people, to enjoy a good coffee or to just find yourself. And yes, you can also use Bitcon!
  • The Wilder Snail (799 Keefer Street) – It’s a grocery and a cafe, two in one. It’s something local, so you can be sure the services are of good quality.

Refurbished computer hardware

Where to find a second-hand motherboard:

  • Free Geek Vancouver (1820 Pandora Street) – Besides the fact that you can buy used motherboards, you have to know that if you have something they can use, you can donate. Why buy new stuff when you can reuse some of them? This shop is also Bitcoin-friendly.

Aloo gobi

You can taste it at:

  • India Gate (616 Robson Street) – It dates back to 1978 and it serves specialties from Northern India. All the dishes are made from recipes over 100 years old. All the goodies can be paid with Bitcoin.

Canadian dolars with bitcoin

You can find a two-way Bitcoin ATM at:

  • Waves Coffee House (100-900 Howe Street)
  • Thai Vietnamese Cuisine (986 West Broadway)

In you want to use the ATM, you have to press “Doge” on the touchscreen and then scan the QR code (which is your Dogecoin address). After you insert the cash, you press “To the moon”. A couple of minutes later, your digital wallet will be loaded!


Where can you find it:

  • Old Country Pierogi (food trailer) – From this place you can taste Eastern European food. It’s not possible, sadly, to sit down and eat, but you can take your delicious food at home and you can pay it with Bitcoin!

Marijuana seeds

You can shop it from:

  • MJ Seeds Canada (online) – If you want quality marijuana seeds from the most famous marijuana plants in the world then you have found the right place. They are cheap and you can also pay with Bitcoin!


Where to move in:

  • Quantum Properties (Abbotsford) – This is a British Columbia company that has been working in this area since 2000. They specialize in multi-family residential and commercial buildings. The best part is that you can spend Bitcoins on it!

Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Where to make an exchange:

  • Quadriga CX (332 Water Street) – This is a Canadian Cryptocurrency exchange platform, headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Their main role is to facilitate Bitcoin trading.


Where to get a tattoo:

  • The Fall (644 Seymour Street) – This is one of Vancouver’s most famous tattoo parlors. They only hire the most skilled tattoo artists. You can get a tattoo and pay with Bitcoins!


Make a nice gesture at:

  • Free Geek Vancouver (1820 Pandora Street) – You can read about it above.
  • (online) – Open Media has the primary purpose of making the Internet safer. A lot of people have access to the internet and that’s why it can become dangerous.
  • PeaceGeeks (online) – This company is nonprofit, works voluntarily to promote peace, accountability and human rights.


If you want to make a special gift to someone, more exactly a shopping card at different stores, just do it! You can pay with Bitcoin and make a beautiful surprise at the same time.

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