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How to Stay Anonymous on the Internet

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Mar 20, 2020
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There are people, who still think that the Internet is a place, where you are free to say and to do anything you want. However, it’s not true: the things we do are carefully followed and our private details are collected for multiple reasons.

If you are also taking online safety seriously, this article is for you. We have carefully collected and analyzed multiple ways how to remain anonymous online and are ready to share the most effective tools with you. After reading the article you’ll learn everything about staying anonymous when playing at BTC online casino in your country, surfing search engines or even checking personal mail.


Virtual Private Network or VPN is a technology, which encrypts the information that enters and leaves networks so that others are not able to track what you’re doing online. If everything is installed correctly, VPN may guarantee that others won’t be able to intercept and collect your data.

However, the biggest disadvantage of this technology is that the VPN service keeps the information about what you do online. If the government requires the company to provide such details, the VPN developer won’t have any other choice than to surrender.

In such a case, the best advice is to choose a VPN located in a country with strict privacy laws and so-called ‘lo-logging’ regulations. This means that VPN service isn’t allowed to collect and store information on what you say or do online.

Use Private Mode

To make your internet activity more anonymous, a good idea will be using a private mode of your browser. Let’s explain how it works. Every time visiting websites you leave cookies, which are stored on computers and contain information on your browsing history.

These cookies are used to deliver a customized experience. For example, Facebook will show information on a new smartphone you were looking for or Google will offer a video of your favorite singer. Cookies are like virtual fingerprints. Thus, we recommend switching a private mode to protect your browsing history.

Avoid Spam

This may sound a piece of obvious advice but unfortunately, many users still neglect it – you should never press a link from a spam message or even open it. The best way is to hide your email address and use an alias for signing up for entertainment websites or social media. When noticing that there are too many spam messages in the inbox, you may simply delete the account without any harm.

Some email platforms allow having up to 20 aliases per one person. Always think twice before leaving your email details on any doubtful website. Thus, you’ll protect not only yourself but also contacts in your email address book because malicious software may get access even to the most sensitive and hidden data

Protect Your Router

When asking a person what a router is, you may be surprised to find out that most users are not able to give an answer. Basically, a router is a door into and outside the local network. While usually, the outside networks see only IP addresses, there are hackers that may get access to the router and do lots of harm.

However, you don’t need to panic: just follow the basic rules and settings to protect the router and prevent other people from accessing your system. Start with changing the default password and username of the router. You’ll be surprised to find out how many people still have a simple ‘admin’ password.

This plain but effective advice acts as a second security layer because hackers won’t be able to crack the password immediately. We also recommend purchasing a good router from reputable companies. Yes, they may be quite costly but you invest in the security of multiple devices and don’t have a right to be careless.

Take Care of Your Internet Hygiene

Every day we visit tens of websites, make online transactions, and interact with other users through social media. Safety of your personal data and the devices you use greatly depend on anonymity.

Even though it’s impossible to stay completely anonymous online, the steps above may help you to stay hidden on the Internet, and decrease the spam amount that you receive day after day.

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