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How to Spend Bitcoins in Spain

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Sep 26, 2017
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Spain advances greatly in terms of technology, and the fact that she’s Bitcoin-friendly is no longer a novelty. Moreover, the Government itself recognized the bitcoin currency as an asset currency, it’s not just an electronic one.

Given this, increasingly more businesses adopt this new style of payment. Here’s how you can spend your Bitcoins in Spain:

Rent the apartment of your dreams

If you reach to Costa Del Sol’s “Love Spain Apartment”, you will be able to find the answer to your requirements. You can rent any apartment for you and your family or friends, and you can pay everything in Bitcoins.


Repair your phone or buy a new one from Yoigo. If you are in Barcelona and you are in need of something like this, that little store can help you. You can pay in Bitcoins!

Ultramarinos Bar

Ultramarinos Bar is a place where you can relax with your friends or family. There are two in Barcelona: Barcelona and Santa Monica. You can drink and eat the most delicious meals and you can pay them with Bitcoins!

The Dog is Hot

Once you arrive here, it’s the world of hotdogs and much more! You can order all of their specialties, tasty and at very convenient prices, and pay them with Bitcoins!

Spices Cave

Mediterranean, Asiatic, Arab, African, American or Scandinavian, there is food for any taste! You can choose from several traditional dishes and have the time of your life at Spices Cave! Every single appetizing thing can be paid with Bitcoins!

Surely there are many more places of this type, given that Spain is advanced in this area. Just make sure you have enough Bitcoins to spend here!

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