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How to Monetise Your Website with BitMarket Network Client

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Apr 12, 2021
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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency in blockchain. It, like money, can be earned and stored in special wallets, one of which is BitMarket Network Client. Many programmers already work on the Internet and receive their money in the form of cryptocurrency with this service. The number of freelancers providing their services for bitcoins is also increasing. You can also start earning not only bitcoins but other cryptocurrencies out of the house. 

The decision about which blockchain wallet to choose in founding a cryptocurrency-based business was the main problem not so long ago. But now, about a hundred such services have already been tested by financial and IT specialists. At the moment this is in the alpha version or in active development. However, its prospects and advantage over other similar services are already visible.

Do you have an online store or social media blog with sales of goods or services? Then it will be better for you to receive payments in the form of bitcoins. All you have to do is provide an opportunity for customers to buy a product for currency and base your business payment system on bitcoins.

Setting up BitMarket Network Client is the easiest and fastest way to start accepting bitcoin payments from anyone anywhere in the world. Your every client would have an automatically generated and securely stored bitcoin address with this wallet.

So, why is a bitcoin-based business very popular now? Among many its cool features are the following. 

  • Safe online payments: there is no fraud or chargebacks. The BitMarket Network Client is designed in a way that all sent money cannot be returned. Transaction credibility is confirmed by users worldwide and each transaction is encoded.
  • Favorable commissions: the transaction fees are promised not to exceed even 1%. It is extremely lower than in PayPal or credit cards. The more money clients send, the less they lose. So, using bitcoins allows businessmen to make a higher profit and then offer the products or services to customers at very affordable prices.
  • Anonymity: banks do not control customer funds. No one can block a transaction or incur an additional charge. So you get more profit due to minimum commissions and no scams. Moreover, bitcoins are not formally taxed as they are not a government-issued currency.
  • The ability to keep or convert received bitcoins into USD, EUR and any other currency. 
  • Unlimited payments: fund transfers have no limits unlike the other payment systems.
  • Service works 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. 
  • Access to a worldwide customer base. You can receive cross-border payments in real time.

There are many services that allow you to earn bitcoins and other currencies. One of these, as we have already said, is BitMarket Network Client. Such a wallet is very convenient for your business, since it is multi-currency.

It supports litecoins and very soon Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Tronix and other coins along with bitcoins. This means neither you nor your customers would have any troubles while paying or receiving. In addition, the service is international. It will work in many countries and be supported in many languages. Any client will definitely be able to carry out the transaction on his own.

In addition, BitMarket Network Client is cross-platform. This means that your customers can instantly pay for their purchase from any device: any brand mobile phone, tablet or computer. And for the owner of the business website this wallet would probably become the most convenient and safest place to store the assets. What is more, all personal data is protected with a 12-digital seed phrase, two-factor authorization and open source. 

The project BitMarket Network Client is under active development and needs some help now. If you are the owner of the website and want to base your payment in bitcoins, it is worth waiting for the project to finish. If you want this to happen as soon as possible, it is in your best interest to help it. You can provide both financial and intellectual assistance. At the moment there are many experienced developers, programmers and financiers in their team. And they would be happy if you join them. 

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