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How to Make Your First $100 Profits on TurboXBT

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Sep 10, 2021
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The tales of instant profits may appear impossible, particularly to a trader who has experienced the negative side of the volatility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, many people are raking in this profit, almost on a daily basis, making it not impossible. The underlying difference amongst most traders, however, is the fact that the strategies employed to trade are often different, and many, by sheer luck.

The reliance on luck breeds uncertainties that do not guarantee sustainability. As such, the embrace of an alternative platform with a straightforward trading strategy is crucial. This is where TurboXBT comes in. The TurboXBT platform is a next-generation digital asset trading platform that is designed to offer both new and professional traders a high-earning potential through short-term contract trading.

The platform was launched recently, but its current features and unique product offering have placed it on the right track for future success. This article will showcase how anyone, especially beginners can make their first $100 profit from trading using the TurboXBT platform. 

Getting Started with TurboXBT: the Pathway to Profitability

It is worth noting that making money is not a mysterious affair. Making it on TurboXBT is even simpler. To earn from the trading platform, users will need a funded account to enter real trades. Here is a description of how an account can be opened.

Step 1

Navigate the TurboXBT homepage and click on the orange-colored ‘Open Account’ icon. The interface looks as shown in the image below;

As seen, all that is required is to enter your email address and password in the spaces provided above. An email address verification is necessary with a PIN that will be sent. This is to ensure the user’s email is functional

The check box must be ticked to affirm you accept the exchange’s Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is advised you take out time to read through this to truly understand what you are getting into. These terms are nothing to fret about though, they are just there to make you understand the risks.

The registration process on TurboXBT is as simple as detailed and users do not need to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. This is a big convenience when compared to other platforms around. 

Step 2

Once your account is set up, the next thing to do is to fund your account with real money. Typically, you can make a deposit on the TurboXBT platform using any of the supported digital currencies including BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. To fund your account, click the ‘Deposit’ button on your dashboard to reveal the interface shown below;

The wallet addresses can be copied and the funds deposited there. The deposited amount will reflect in your account once the required number of network confirmations have been completed. While TurboXBT takes no commission on trades, it should be noted that varying gas fees are applicable.

Step 3

With your funded account, you are now ready to place your first trade. To do this, the right asset pair, for example, the BTC/USD pair is selected. A suitable time frame that is visible on the chart interface is then chosen. This can either be 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes respectively. Once the time is chosen, you will need to input the amount you wish to trade. TurboXBT imposes no limit on the amount you can trade with.

Thereafter, the trade can then be executed by clicking either the green UP button for the upward trend or the red DOWN button to bet on price falls. Trade winnings are dependent on whether the traded pair gained or lost in value within the set time limit.  

Step 4

This step is ideal to showcase the potential profitability from the trades executed. TurboXBT supports a total of 17 assets, and 38 trading pairs, all of which have their unique payout rates. These payout rates determine the prospective profit accruable. If a trader starts out with $100 capital for a synthetic asset with 65% payout rate, profit after a successful trade will be $65 (100 capital x 0.65). While there is no guarantee that it is all the trades that one executes that will turn profitable, the consistency in winnings is what guarantees sustainability. Consistency is what can help a trader earn $100 from a small, disposable capital.

Leveraging TurboXBT’s features helps a trader maximize profit across the board with the no commission policy. For a relatively new platform like TurboXBT, there is a lot of emphasis on improving user experience in a bid to boost customer satisfaction. This is being embodied in all additional features the platform brandishes. In all, here are the things a user might hope to benefit from TurboXBT with its tag of the best pioneering synthetic crypto asset short contract service provider;

  • Speed: From the first visit to the website to making the first profit can occur in less than 3 minutes. Orders can be placed instantly within a few clicks after logging in.
  • Simplicity: TurboXBT provides a clearly defined profit and risk expectations before positions are being taken by the trader, with only two order types across different durations, and;
  • Stability: The platform provides a secure, reliable trading system with 99.9% uptime which ensures no profits are left on the table.


TurboXBT is an easy to use trading platform that is open to everyone. The platform offers short term contracts for synthetic assets with focus across four major asset classes including cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, and indices. While there are inherent risks, the incentives as well as the stable platform helps cushion the downsides from using the exchange.Getting started is simple and will require just the email address and password. The journey of a thousand miles always begins with a step. Making the trading step with the right exchange can make all the difference for someone looking to build a career in trading. TurboXBT comes off as one of the best for crypto based synthetic asset trading.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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