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How to Make Money Playing Slots for Free

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Aug 4, 2020
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Online gambling is one of the growing industries in the world. Especially Bitcoin casinos that are poised to be the unexpected winners of 2020. These crypto betting firms have out-paced their counterparts for one or two reasons, namely, being dynamic, and riding the potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Slot machines have always been the most critical money-maker for gamblers and casinos alike. Nowadays, crypto betting platforms offer generous slots welcome bonus for first-time players, which can be as much as 100%.

Playing the Slots

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The online slot machine is simple to play. The player only needs to set the amount he wants to bet, press the “Spin” button, and hope for the best. Today, there are a variety of slots, from medieval-themed once to those that add a high-roller look and feel. Whatever the case, these slots essentially play the same way.

A slot machine, no matter the branding, is a game of chance. The chance aspect of playing at the slots makes these games so appealing to the adrenaline-seeking gambler. You have a shot at winning the jackpot as long as you know how to put crypto into the slot and push the button. It all comes down to luck.

How Welcome Bonuses Work

Just as the slot machine appeals to crypto casinos for being a stable-money maker, it can as well be a stable-money multiplier for you. To explain how slots can be so reliable to the player, you have to look at something that is often under-looked. When professionals look at how they can make money at the online casino slot machines, they focus on the slots welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus is the incentive an online casino gives for the first deposit. Players can get up to 100% bonus when they deposit for the first time in an online Bitcoin casino. If you were to put in $100 worth of Bitcoin, the casino will double your money in crypto instantly and enable you to bet $200 worth in Bitcoin instead.

This is a lot like the leverage used in forex trading, only that the slots welcome bonus is a one-time offer. You can have a small amount of crypto in your online gambling account but use the welcome bonus to place large bets. The wins, which can be quite enormous, are one of the advantages of slot welcome bonuses, and you only need a small deposit to obtain it.

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Tips and Strategies

The trick is to avoid exhausting the entire bonus at once. To make a stable income from playing slots, the player needs to learn to use the free money award when he feels the advantage is clearly on his side. When you visit an online casino like Wink Slots, pick-out the right slot machine with the highest payout, you can find content about the slot machines on the online casino website, which also includes return-to-player information.

While the slot machine’s payout is considered low, the slots’ welcome bonus can buy you more time playing. Since casinos are mandated to return a set minimum amount of bets to the players, you can benefit from this loophole. It would give you much comfort to know that you have lost your welcome bonus, but still maintain your deposit. The next time a jackpot is won, it could be yours.


That is the appeal of slots. As Bitcoin casinos grow in popularity, players now have a realistic chance to win at the slot machines. While the online casino remains with the edge, the slots’ welcome bonus allows the player to get luckier in the long run.

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