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How Bitcoin Trading Software Can Make Life Easier

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Nov 6, 2019
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The crypto market never sleeps, and keeping up with all the price shifts in bitcoin can be tiresome. Because of this, many investors have turned to use Bitcoin trading software and apps like Bitcoin Future to simplify their trading tasks.

Due to increasing market volatility, trading apps have become very popular among traders, as they allow them to keep control of their trading at all times, execute orders faster and more efficiently than the trader would be able to do by himself.

Automated trading is far more superior than manual trading, as the emotional stress factor is removed; a software or bot sticks to the trading strategy it was set to execute. It has no doubts, worries, and does not require any sleep or sleepless nights on your account to monitor its performance.

The app will execute trades quickly, as each second counts when making a trade based only on complex algorithms and not emotions. As such, all professionals should incorporate the use of a Bitcoin Trader App in their trading arsenal.

A trading software directly interacts with financial exchanges by using their API to source information relevant to market changes, prices, etc., and place buy or sell orders on your behalf based on the market data it collected and your inputted strategy.

Types of Bitcoin Software Trading Strategies

Even though the crypto market is still young in comparison to forex markets, the rapid development of technology has permitted the integration of algorithmic trading into bitcoin trading apps, enabling investors to use a plethora of trading strategies. The two most popular strategies implemented at the moment are:

Arbitrage Strategy

One of the most basic strategies applied to bitcoin trading is arbitrage. Arbitrage means buying BTC in one market and then selling the coins in another for a higher price, with the difference resulting in profit for you.

As a majority of cryptocurrency exchanges are decentralized, you can often come across large price discrepancies, which allow traders to make profits by using arbitrage.

Even if some of these price gaps have been reduced over time, there are still moments when such large price differences appear, and you have to make the most in those few seconds to profit from arbitrage.

In such conditions, a bitcoin trading app would be able to quickly identify the market price difference, place the trades, and allow you to benefit from the executed arbitrage strategy.

Market Making Strategy

The market making strategy is another popular trading strategy that involves the “continuous buy and sell prices on a variety of spot digital currencies and digital currency derivatives contracts,” so that it can catch the difference between the buy and sell price.

This strategy requires placing both buy and sell limit orders, which are close to the current market range. When the price fluctuates, your trading software will automatically and continuously place limit orders, so it can make profits from the spread between those price differences.

Of course, there are plenty of other strategies that can be used to make a profit on the Bitcoin market through a trading app. That’s why it is better to choose a trading app or software that is more advanced and has multiple trading combinations and options.

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