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The server of Hello Kitty was infected. According to sources, malware attacks, in turn, the Drupal network in order to mine crypto assets.

A research was made by Imperva Incapsula, a company that ensures online security and prevents the unpleasant situations. They discovered that Hello Kitty’s infected server is targeting Drupal’s Content Management System (CMS).

It was found that the reason why Kitty server is following a particular network is the newly released version of Drupalgeddon 2.0. Launched for several weeks, it was characterized as having an “extremely critical” vulnerability. For this reason, malware Kitty focuses on a poor network that can easily penetrate.

Drupal is an “open source content management framework” that can be used for free on any website. According to a research, approximately 2.3% of the online businesses use the Drupal network.

Kitty malware has the ability to pass viruses into both internal and external networks, usually those that have a weak vulnerability. It has been found that Kitty malware infects other networks to mine Monero. Thus, after the new networks are infected, the hackers are free to install their own decoding program and  have control over the server.

This is like a biological virus attack. You don’t know until it’s too late, only when the virus has taken over the cell’s control is when the White blood cells are released. This is a serious concern, I suggest Drupal framework- websites to perform thorough security checks for any malware on their back-end,” explained a computer engineer.

I really like the way the attackers use kitty to conceal their intentions, I mean ‘please don’t delete me I’ma harmless kitty” who would,” wrote a crypto user.

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