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If you just started trading cryptocurrencies, you most certainly know what a time-consuming task it can be. To simplify things, trading bots have been developed to help crypto traders cope.

A trading bot is a computer software which executes trades automatically according to certain indicators and trends. There are plenty of crypto trading bots out there, ranging from free programs to subscription-based ones. However, these products are going to vary in terms of quality, usability, and profitability.

A promising bot that offers what is a necessary tool for crypto traders would be Gunbot.

About Gunbot

Gunbot is an advanced cryptocurrency bot which lets you easily trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This bot lets you choose from a list of trading strategies and does all the hard work for you. These customizable trading tools use a pair’s highs and lows to make buys or sells, resulting in hundreds of profitable trades round the clock.

To ensure the utmost of security, Gunbot is installed and runs exclusively on your personal computer or server. This secures the privacy of your trading API secret and keeps your trading process uninfluenced by other factors.

Gunbot is the best trading bot for your crypto trading needs, and this can be attested by thousands of users that have made profits from its use.

What’s more, you don’t have to bother with any monthly subscriptions; you only need to pay a one-time fee to receive lifetime support and software updates.


The bot implements various trading algorithms which can be used in manual trading as well. The main difference between manual trading and using Gunbot is that you can make trades non-stop even while you are not at your computer. It is, basically, a machine that makes money for you while you go on with your life.

Gunbot strategies

Gunbot features five different basic strategies that can be applied to your trading. These strategies can be easily combined with one another, using one strategy for buying, and the other for selling (the Emotionless and Ichimoku strategies cannot be combined)

Gain: Makes purchases with a percentage below EMA, and sells when your established gain is hit.

Stepgain: Similar to gain, after reaching the buy or sell level, the trend watcher will look for further increases or decreases in prices – making the buy or sell only when the trend reverses.

Bb: executes buys and sells at configurable values set between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.

Pp: Sets a fixed buy and sell price, ideal for cryptos that usually stay in a predictable price range.

Tssl: Trailing Stop / Stop Limit: buys and sells for a moving range and it trails optimal buy and sell points.

Emotionless: Has no configurable strategy parameters, making it ideal for newbie traders.

Ichimoku: Trading algorithm which uses the Ichimoku cloud indicator.

The strategies have global settings which are applicable to all the pairs you select. If changes are required in the strategy settings for certain pairs, configurations can be made by implementing overrides in the pair setup (such information is offered in great detail on their GitHub wiki, making the process very easy to understand).

Supported exchanges

*Margin Trading is available for Poloniex (with TradingView plugin)

Gunbot enables users to set and test individual parameters such as the execution time of the buys and sells, the risked amount, in order to stop loss and take profit. This high degree of customization lets the user freely test and combine different strategies, making it an adaptable bot to the needs of its traders.

In addition to the EMA lines and BB trading options, this cryptocurrency bot offers Trend watcher and candlesticks.


Gunbot is a very useful program that uses highly customizable algorithms and strategies to help its trader capitalize on the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency market.

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