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In a generation with such an advanced technology, we can say that it’s still difficult to depend on Wi-Fi for making online payments, taking into account the private internet connections or nonexistent ones in remote locations.

Taking this into consideration, Brazilian-based start-up goTenna, led by Daniela and Jorge Perdomo, has signed a partnership with Samourai Wallet to release an Android app that will allow users to trade Bitcoin offline.

txTenna works only with goTenna’ device

The announcement was made on Monday, 14th May. According to it, the txTenna Application will associate the user’s mobile with a goTenna device, which can be purchased at $ 179/pair, after what it will synchronize the wallet settings to make online payments.

You need to be able to spend your bitcoin even in disaster areas,” goTenna engineer Richard Meyers told CoinDesk, adding that “As long as you have a way to charge your phone, you can be up and meshed and communicating.”

For txTenna to allow crypto transactions without internet, it needs to be almost a mile away from the goTenna device to receive the message from the application and transfer to the node network. Currently, goTenna has a balance that includes over 100,000 devices sold.

It offers an alternative that is more censorship-resistant,” Meyers stated, adding that: “It’s going to obscure who you are and where you’re at when making these transactions. So that’s a big privacy advantage there.

The system uses radio frequency

In order to connect the two devices, the system uses radio frequency. In the past, several companies have begun too using radio setups to allow overseas transactions. For example, last year, Nick Szabo and Elaine Ou have revealed an idea detailing how radio signals could improve the security system and the connections between the Bitcoin networks.

Later, after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission banned “net neutrality,” ETH owners and Ethereum enthusiasts have turned their attention to developing the technology on which this system is based. As neutrality rules expire in the coming weeks, Internet providers will no longer be influenced by accepting or blocking specific websites.

Remember that txTenna is a crypto wallet that works as an open source project. The concept of txTenna could be applied to the iOS operating system as well.

It absolutely could work with any software wallet and they [Samourai Wallet developers] are not writing it specifically for the Samourai wallet anyway. It will be something any wallet provider could send transactions through,” stated Meyers.

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