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New details about the latest Bitcoin mining equipment known as 7nm chip have been unveiled. Japanese giant GMO Internet has presented prices and technical specifications for its new product.

The announcement about the world’s first 7nm Bitcoin mining chip was made on May 23 via the GMO‘s website. As previously reported by Coindoo, the product will be officially launched on June 6, 2018, while mass production will be delivered to customers only in October.

Produced in Taiwan and designed in Japan

The IT giant has revealed during a press conference held on 5th June that its 7nm ASIC will be dedicated to power the B2 miner. Regarding the product, it’s made in Taiwan and designed in Japan.

24TH/s for 1.950W per unit

The launch of the 7nm chip is remarkable because it allows Bitcoin miners to use more hash power, but at the less amount of electricity consumed for standard equipment. According to Bloomberg, the 7nm chip will have a hash rate of 24TH /s and will consume 1.950W per unit.

To understand the advantages of the new product, we will compare it with the mining leader, namely Bitmain’s Antminer S9. Unlike 7nm chip, the other one has a hash rate of 14TH/s and uses 1,300W per unit.

The price per unit is $ 1,999

If the new product launched by GMO Internet demonstrates its efficacy and sustainability, it will surely become a market leader. The price for a 7nm chip is $ 1,999, while an Antminer S9 costs $ 837.
If you’re wondering if the two companies will compete for the top position, GMO’s CEO Masatoshi Kumagai said that: “I respect Bitmain, but we will top them“.

Note that starting with 6 June, the company will begin accepting pre-orders. The launch of the new product comes as a result of a thorough investigation and testing of the new technology starting in September 2017 when the company announced its intention to develop a promising project.

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