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A new application is available on WordPress. The California- based Blocksteam has launched its second Lighting App, which aims to test the payment system for Bitcoin Lighting Network.

Become an individual Publisher

The announcement related to the Lighting Publisher was made on 23rd March 2018 by Blocksteam, a retailer of blockchain technologies. The new application represents a plug-in with which anyone can become their own publisher by offering each individual the opportunity to be rewarded for distributing its publications on WordPress.

According to Blocksteam, “After an author powers up the LApp, readers will be able to preview an article on the blog, then can choose to access the full content by making a Lightning micropayment, which will be sent to the creator’s Lightning Charge server.”

The Blocksteam’s second LApp is using the Lightning Charge– a micropayment system designed by the company. With its help, the web developers are able to project their own LApps as well as to test the Blocksteam’s lightning nodes.

The Lightning Publisher follows WooCommerce and FileBazaar’s apps

The Lightning Publisher, designed for WordPress embraces the WooCommerce Lightning Gateway, which is “a web-commerce solution” launched at the beginning of 2018 as well as FileBazaar- “a pay-per-view application” launched on 22nd March 2018.

Publishers are rewarded for their contents

As with the latest application, Lightning Publisher offers individuals the opportunity to be rewarded for their published content without the need to install traditional ads. Also, the new app gives readers more freedom, who are able to buy the article they want. Once they have paid for the content, the publisher receives micropayments, which later can be converted into coins.

The Lightning Network is growing fast. Over 2.000 channels were actively operating only this month. In the future, the company wants to embrace other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin.

The Chief Product Officer of Hive, Kamesh Raghavendra stated about the evolution of Lightning Network:

The initial deployments of Lightning will most likely be driven by exchanges and merchants dealing with cryptocurrencies. We see an opportunity for Lightning to redefine the railings of global trade & commerce in the 3–5 year horizon.”

What do you think about the Lightning Publisher for WordPress?

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