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The organization behind the GAME token, GameCredits will launch a desktop app that will let users mine cryptocurrency and earn GAME. This free app is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux operating systems, and director of GameCredits Jack Kuveke’s vision of GShare is “to allow gamers who typically have powerful GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), to harness their wasted hardware when they aren’t using it.”

Kuveke says that the demand for GPUs is increasing because of their use for cryptocurrency mining and other difficult calculations. While GPUs lack the mining power of task-specific ASIC units, they are much better suited for mining crypto than CPUs, which has made the GPU prices surge over the past year.

The director says many gamers have already bought the GPUs for gaming and those that download GShare have the possibility of “renting” their computing power (the application also functions with usual CPU chips) to receive GAME.

He states that GShare (which is in a public beta release) doesn’t mine GAME itself, but instead it mines other cryptos such as ZCash which GameCredits then onsell and compensates users with GAME. “It gives them a way to easily profit from their hardware when it’s idle.”

The power of a PC dictates how much a user can earn. Kuveke says that for an entry-level gaming computer (Intel i5 7600 CPU, integrated graphics) a gamer could make a US dollar equivalent of around 20 dollars per month.

For a mid-range machine (Intel i5 processor, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060) could get you 125 dollars a month, while a gamer with a powerful PC (Intel i7 quad-core processor, NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics) make around 200 dollars.

But nevertheless, mining slows down processor performance. Kuveke says that gamers can opt how much power they can allocate to the mining process.

“If they tune GShare to a low setting, then they may be able to keep it running while playing. This will depend on a number of factors including the intensity of the game they are playing and the hardware they have. We suggest that gamers who are worried about their performance dropping use GShare when they aren’t gaming. This could include while they’re sleeping or doing simple tasks like searching the internet or watching videos.”

Future issues will integrate a system that identifies CPU and GPU usage and will automatically adjust or turn off GShare computation when other processor-consuming tasks are also operating in parallel.

Kuveke states that while GameCredits is currently dedicated to GShare mining a number of cryptocurrencies, future plans for it involve it being used for any task that needs GPU power, such as scientific study or advanced algorithm calculations.

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