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GAMB, known as a self-governed and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce has extended its continuous development by listing their intrinsic token GMB at KuCoin cryptocurrency trading platform.

Deposits are now available with trading pairs including GMB/BTC and GMB/ETH. All trading actions can be done utilizing KuCoin’s official website or to their mobile application. Schedules are as follow:

GAMB (GMB) Buying order: 17:30 November 28, 2018 (UTC+8)

GAMB (GMB) Selling order: 18:00 November 28, 2018 (UTC+8)

GAMB (GMB) Withdrawal: 18:00 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)

About GAMB (GMB)

GAMB or the Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain is powering the decentralized marketplace of the future, ultimately administered by smart contracts, with no decision making unit other than the owners of the marketplace themselves. Merchant Alliance members or the token holders propose controls and regulations which – upon approval – can be drafted into smart contracts, so that transparency, trust, and sustainability are guaranteed.

A team of professionals manages the project with many years of background in big scale e-commerce projects, backed by a multidisciplinary advisory team.

What GAMB tries to solve?

The world is seeing an unusual centralization of economic power by leading tech businesses such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (GAFA). Currently, a surprising 83% of all product searches begin with either Amazon or Google. Every second book in the United States is sold via Amazon, who also manages the e-commerce infrastructure: globally more than 4 million merchants apply the Amazon marketplace and underlying services as a sales channel.

This market controlling position enables Amazon to deliver prices and terms and conditions to use their services, factually subordinating merchants over the globe.

GAMB Core Management

The managing team of the Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain (GAMB) is composed of Luis Krug (Chief Executive Officer), Andre Munnich as the Chief Financial Officer, and Emrah Hizarci, the Chief Technology Officer.

Some of other relevant staff of the company are Daniel Schnadt (managing director of GAMB GMBH), Nonito Capuno (managing director of Gambio GMBH), Denis Scheller (business development Gambio Services AG), Alexandrois Tselegidis (development), Marco Bruchmann (partner management), Mario Blokland, Michael Kronke (team leader), Mirko Janssen.

Moritz Bunjes (development), Ronald Loyko. Sergej Krohnhardt (customizing), Stephanie Bruchmann (support), Thomas Balde (telephone support), Till Tepelmann (support), Timo Backhaus, Tobias Link (customizing), Torben Wark, Ursula Seifert (customizing) and Wilken Haase (partner management) are other prominent members of the technical team.

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