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According to an official press release, IT giant Fujitsu has successfully tested a blockchain-based data storage system that can transform reward points or coupons into crypto tokens.

The service will be unveiled 13-15 June at Interop Tokyo 2018 that takes place in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan.

Technology highlights

This might come as a surprise for some, however, the Japanese firm is not oblivious to blockchain technology. Quite the contrary. Fujitsu has been taking part in various testing sessions for money transfer and secure data sharing services and technologies. The firm’s belief in the crypto is further emphasized by the launch of a new blockchain innovation center in Belgium.

The system called Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service is currently only being implemented in Japan and sales are scheduled to being today, 6th of June. It promises to allow users to collect digital points by scanning QR codes at specific areas with their smart devices and exchange them for coupons and other benefits. The coupons in question can be later used at different outlets.

FISSBAS comes in the form of an API, and it can be easily implemented by customers into various types of applications, even without major blockchain experience and without a dedicated ICT environment.

Eyes on the future

By storing and processing the consumer usage transactions in a decentralized manner, the system is set to reduce the workload usually associated with typical data centers and improve the data analysis procedures.

The goal here is to help business owners draw in more customers and even increase their disposition towards buying. With the help of this service, the company hopes to revitalize regional economies.

Fujitsu also announced that the final product is a result of intensive trials by partnering with various organizations like railway companies, retail-related businesses, and telecom services. The company hopes to sell at least 100 units by the of the fiscal year 2020.

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