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FreeBitco’s Is Giving Away a Lamborghini in Crypto’s Biggest Giveaway of the Year!

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Mar 31, 2021
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After three successful editions of the biggest giveaways in the crypto sphere, Freebitco is back with its periodical gala of giving away Lamborghinis to winners of a special contest. The seventh-largest online casino in the world is back with its ‘Win a Lambo’ giveaway for users worldwide.

The fourth edition of the giveaway is nearing its end, with 30 days left for participants to register and stand a chance to own a Lamborghini. Having begun in 2019, the contest amassed great attention and following in no time at all. Round 1 of the contest itself saw more than 6 million ticket sales, while the subsequent rounds too garnered record-breaking participation. With the 4th round of the contest to be wrapped up soon, there is a lot of buzz, suspense, and excitement in the air already.

According to FreeBitco:

“The ‘Win a Lambo’ or Golden Ticket Giveaway, as we like to call it, has been able to garner a lot of enthusiasm over the years, something we are very excited about at FreeBitco. Lamborghini being the crypto community’s favorite car, and ours being the world’s oldest bitcoin faucet, we thought introducing such a contest to our 37 million+ users was very befitting. We cannot wait to see who the lucky one will be this time.” 

How to Participate in the Golden Ticket Giveaway?

Participating in the Golden Ticket Giveaway, also known as the Win a Lambo Contest, is pretty simple. The goal is to deposit, play and subsequently collect Golden Tickets, one of which can win you a Lambo. The greater the number of Golden tickets you collect, the higher your chances of winning become.

To begin with, you must create an account at and collect Free BTC or deposit your owned BTC into the the wallet. Next, you either play the HI-LO dice game or bet on events. for every 0.005 BTC wagered in total on both the dice game or the event page, the user gets 1 Golden Ticket each. Alternatively, you can also purchase Golden Tickets for 25,000 satoshis each. After the contest duration ends, one lucky winner is announced from the lucky lottery law, based on FreeBitco’s Provably Fair algorithm.

What Is the Provably Fair Algorithm of Freebitco?

The choice of the winner does not depend on the number of Golden tickets they possess; however, it can increase the chances of winning because of the higher probability ratio. There is only one winning ticket out of an entire lot of tickets. For instance, the winner of Round 2 held over 200,000 tickets. However, the winner of Round 1 had merely 1626 tickets out of the total pool of 5.5 million sold Golden Tickets!

FreeBitco has managed to garner the trust and reliability of users worldwide with its special algorithm in place, combined with its unrelenting vision of offering prime user satisfaction and a transparent ecosystem to encourage online gambling.

A “Golden” Opportunity

This round has already seen more than 2.7 million Golden Tickets sales worldwide, which means that the competition is stiff. With 30 days remaining for the contest to close in, participants have a very small-time frame available to collect as many tickets as they want to.

FreeBitco. was launched as a Bitcoin faucet – a platform giving away free crypto to enhance adoption of the cryptocurrency – back in 2013. With a vision of contributing towards the wider reach and penetration of Bitcoin in the world community, FreeBitco has garnered over 37 million registered users and around 200,000 Bitcoins distributed since its launch. Today, it happens to be the world’s oldest existing Bitcoin faucets and one of the largest crypto casinos online.

FreeBitco also offers a range of other giveaways on its platform from time-to-time, such as the Free Satoshi Giveaway, the Weekly BTC Giveaway, the Monthly BTC Giveaway, the iPhone Giveaway, and the Rolex Giveaway to name a few. Its integration with Binance had created a lot of buzz in recent times, which is another reason to look forward to engagements with the crypto giant.  

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