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Ukrainian national police arrested four suspects for operating fake cryptocurrency trading platforms, according to an official announcement made on 16 June.

The statement was published on the national federal police’s platform. According to it, the four culprits were accused of owning six scam crypto exchange websites. The total amount of currencies stolen through platforms is unidentified, which is why cybercrime officials are still investigating the case.

The suspects operated with fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange platforms that looked like legitimate ones, tracking people interested in buying tokens. The investors were asked to transfer the money to a specific address mentioned by website administrator, which was actually opened on the basis of fake documents, reported police.

The victims translated money into electronic wallets, which were registered on false documents of foreign citizens. After the funds were credited, the attackers stopped working as a webmaster, instead they opened a new fraudulent web resource.”

Following the investigation of the case, police seized computer equipment, flash drives, credit and debit cards as well as mobile devices used by suspects. The criminal proceedings can be found under Section 3 of Article 190 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, according to the announcement.

Within it, employees of the cyberpolice carried out a complex of operational measures, the results of which established the persons involved in this crime. They were inhabitants of the city of Dnipro from 20 to 26 years old,” added the national police.

Currently, three out of four suspects have been accused of “committing six episodes of fraudulent activity“. The method of withdrawn will also be investigated, reported police.

This is the list of websites that were used by suspects:

  • m oneycraft /./ info
  • w owex /./ online
  • s wapex /./ net
  • m yexchanger /./ lv
  • i convex /./ net
  • l ikechange /./ biz

Authorities mentioned the list is not difficult to remember, that’s why in case citizens have suspicions are kindly requested to report it to the “Police Department of the Cyberpolice at the address: 2 Rivne Street, Mykola Khvylovoi Street, or by e-mail“.

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