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Five suspects of a $ 1 million Bitcoin theft were arrested by The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Five men based in Georgia are suspected of committing a crime worth $ 1 million. According to, authorities based in Forsyth County arrested five culprits who were trying to invade a Forsyth County building to steal a million dollars calculated in Bitcoin, the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world.

The arrest is the result of 4 months of investigations after the authorities initially thought it was a case of illegal use of drugs. On 29th January 2018, four men were interrogated by narcotics authorities, having on them “zip ties, latex gloves, duct tape, and bandanas“. Subsequently, the men were liberated, because of insufficient evidence.

After a series of investigations, it was found that men once arrested didn’t plan to engage in an illegal drug-related activity but intended to steal the property worth of Bitcoin. The culprits Trivette Adams, Matthew Schwartz, Jacob South and Michael McDermont were looking to steal the crypto coins.


Two of the suspects, Adams and McDermont were found and arrested near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta a few moments before their flight. The first one tried to escape, but the police managed to catch him. The other two, South and Schwartz, managed to leave Atlanta, but were expected by the Chicago authorities and taken to the police office.

The last suspect, Justin Ellison, was arrested on Friday, May 11 due to an investigation conducted by Illinois detectives. The media reported:

Trivette Adams, 20, of Pflugerville, Tex., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and criminal trespass; Robert South, 21, of Norcross has been charged with residential strong arm robbery; Matthew Schwartz, 18, of Hesperia, Calif., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery; Michael McDermott, 18, has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and criminal trespass; Justin Ellison, 20, of Worth, Ill., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony.”

Our advice is to keep your private keys and wallets as good as possible in order not to become a victim of such a case.

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