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The growing interest in cryptocurrencies has gotten a lot of people into trading with digital currencies. Many of them use apps and services that alert them of news that concern their cryptocurrencies of interest. The most successful traders and investors have aps that deliver accurate news, which lets them monitor their cryptos and the latest developments in blockchain technology.

Why do you need a news aggregator?

If you ask any crypto investor how do you get started in trading, the first thing they will tell you is to read. You have to read as much as you can and learn and know what’s going on. After you’ve mastered the basics, you need to stay up to date.

The blockchain industry is evolving at an incredible rate, and the news regarding this technology are posted at matching speed. With thousands of media outlets out there, the question remains, where do you get your crypto news from? What are the most trustworthy and accurate sources out there?

This is where FAWS comes in.

What is FAWS and what services does it provide?

FAWS is a personalized news aggregator which lets investors follow how the news will impact the market. Speculating how the prices will fluctuate on the market is hard enough, but without accurate information, any investing decision will prove disastrous.

FAWS lets traders receive notifications in real-time on any news, never letting you miss out on any important news that might change the faith of the market. Every crypto enthusiast is well aware of how incredibly volatile the crypto market can be, so receiving news on time is crucial in this world.

Aside from news, you also receive analysis or press releases that will match your watch list, which you will customize to your interest and needs.

You can set alerts that let you receive notifications about the price movements which happen in your coins of interest.  To make sure you don’t miss the latest and most exciting news about Bitcoin and other popular altcoins, FAWS lets you choose from a wide list of top news sources.

The news platform also provides price alerts and live price information.

The FAWS website

The site’s interface is very straightforward and user-friendly, having a menu that lets you choose the news and media outlets which you want to follow, the coins you are interested in, your portfolios and your alerts. Here you will also receive notifications that are in concordance with the preferences that you set in your watch list.


FAWS is a news aggregator platform that gives cryptocurrency enthusiasts their daily fix of blockchain, letting investors be on top of everything that’s going on in the crypto-sphere. Their easy to use site allows users to never miss the unpredictable moments when prices are skyrocketing or crashing, and to keep track of the indicators and reasons that change the market.

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