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The internationally known fashion and broadcasting station, Fashion TV, will launch its own decentralized platform on which it will sell style and luxury goods.

Fashion TV reaches an audience of over 1 billion viewers, is making its incursion into the blockchain ecosystem. The platform will serve as a marketplace for models that want to endorse their personal products without needing any intermediaries. But platform will also allow exclusive access to luxury items and lifestyle goods.

The Fashion TV blockchain-based platform would help models that are just starting out to enter the industry without being exploited by intermediaries and agencies.

“The crypto community is no longer only for geeky tech enthusiasts. It’s becoming mainstream, and coupled with our dominating presence in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, we are bringing extravagance and luxury to the blockchain,” said Michel Lisowski, Fashion TV Founder and President.

The FTV Coin Deluxe will be a digital token that gives its owner access to many privileges. For new models, having an F Wallet would mean an electronic business card, which has a QR code for direct payments. The wallet also works as a social identity in the FTV community, and tokens would be tradable for exclusive luxury goods.

The token would also be used in the luxury marketplace to access discounts and offers on a long list of items and services which include luxurious cruises and yachts, private entry to fashion shows and Fashion TV events, jewellery, phones, high-end fashion brands and designers, cosmetics, and lavish furniture.

The tokens will also be used for voting on virtual and real-life contests, and owners have the possibility of directly sponsoring models through the F Wallet.

The FTV Coin Deluxe would also grant members access to a private concierge that will arrange for deductions on fashionable locations and stores and inform members of events such as parties, red carpet events, fashion shows, model contests, just to name a few.

The platform’s decentralized technology will ensure transparency in the industry, seeing that each model receives their earnings on time with a minimum percentage of commissions and deductions.

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