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A new type of malicious software popped up and it seems to be the known WannaCry malware but somehow changed from its original version. Hackers ask for reward in Bitcoin.

Like the WannaCry, the recent ransomware blackmail the victims with the pretext of deleting personal information from their devices. To avoid this, hackers demand a payment in Bitcoin (BTC).

This malicious software is just a copycat of the original WannaCry malware

The difference is, however, that this type of malware is just a copycat of original WannaCry. Hackers were so lazy but ingenious at the same time that they built a similar prototype just to be more convincing that it is a real danger. They, therefore, planned to use only the reputation of WannaCry malware, without harming users’ devices. Thus, the emails sent to users did not contain any malicious code. What remains as in the original version of scam software is psychological pressure. Due to the lack of technical knowledge, citizens are easy to lie, an aspect which hackers also relied upon in this case.

No device has suffered

Note that no device has suffered from the malicious copycat. Regarding this case, a warning was issued by the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Center in the UK, which states that:

The WannaCry emails are designed to cause panic and trick you into believing that your computer is infected with WannaCry ransomware. In reality the emails are just a phishing exercise to try and extort money. The emails claim that all of your devices were hacked and your files will be deleted unless you pay a fine to the fraudsters in Bitcoin,” the warning said.

Individuals who have received such emails that look like malware are asked to delete them as soon as possible and report to the appropriate authorities. Make sure you’re not replying to email and always update the Anti-Virus software, reported UK authority. There will be no changes within the device operation as there are no malicious files installed.

If we think about the dangerous version of WannaCry malware, we will understand that such deceivers have had a major influence on Bitcoin as the most used cryptocurrency for rewards. The original malicious software has made history by infecting hundreds of thousands of computers from all continents, breaking several multinationals and leaving them with headaches.

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