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Michael Mathias, the executive board director of DasCoin, announced in August 2018, that the project has updated the DasRoadmap and published the new version. The DasRoadmap is responsible for delivering insights into the direction that the company is heading.

At the same time, it gives us a better idea of the vision driving DasCoin as well as the major steps that the project is taking to turn that vision into reality. There are many exciting milestones to come and you can look at the DasRoadmap to see what the project has already accomplished.

Upcoming Launches

The main updates to the DasRoadmap include the addition of new launches. You will now find spots for the launch of DasRewards, DasMarketplace, DAS33, Fashion Blockchain, and the DasNet App. This gives us an idea of approximately when to expect these projects to launch and what order they will arrive in. Looking into 2019, you will see even more exciting launches and projects that will be heading to DasCoin.

Examining the DasRoadmap

For those who do not have a copy of the updated DasRoadmap handy, you will find a mix of projects launching in a single step and those that require several steps to launch. The next project on the DasRoadmap is DAS33, which has individual steps for the DAS33 beta presale, the DAS33 beta crowd sale, and the DAS33 official launch. The next two projects to launch, DasMarketplace and DasRewards, only have a single step listed each: the launch.

After those projects launch, DasCoin will release the beta version of DasPay. Then, it will get back to launches of fully finished projects with the Fashion Blockchain Launch. This is followed by the DasNet App Launch.

At this point, we have reached 2019, which will start with the first rollout for AlliancePay. This is followed by the launch of DasPay, the same project that will have a beta launch before Fashion Blockchain launches in 2018.

What Else We Can Learn from the DasRoadmap

In addition to the insights the DasRoadmap gives us as to the future goals of DasCoin, it can also give us an idea of how far DasCoin has come. Looking at the roadmap, you can see that the initial technology development began in June 2015 and the decentralized marketing of the Das ecosystem started in June 2016. From there, the initial white paper was published in January 2017 and the DasCoin blockchain launched in late March 2017. More milestones are sure to appear on the DasRoadmap in the future.


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